Sophie Hears the NewsMature

Sophie was slightly disappointed that Andrew had left, but that was quickly overtaken with worry for Moira. She wondered what could have happened and what was taking Andrew so long.

After what felt like forever, Andrew finally walked in. She smiled at him, then saw the look on his face. Her expression dropped.

"Sophie, I didn't want to have to to tell you this…" he said, slowly sinking into the chair next to her bed.

Sophie sat up, nodding at him to continue.

Working up his nerve, Andrew looked her in the eye. "Moira is in a coma."

Sophie turned pale. She was about to fall off the bed, but Andrew quickly caught her. He helped her settle down on the bed. Sophie looked up at him, trying to catch her breath.

"Now, because you are her next of kin, your the one that has to make all the arrangements, and…" his voice trailed off.

Sophie nodded, waiting for him to continue. He shook his head, glancing at her brought his fingers. Sophie felt like she should cry, but all of her tears were gone. By that point, she just felt tired. She'd had a long day.

After realizing that Sophie wasn't even reacting that much, he met her eyes again, his brows drawn up in concern.

"You okay?" he asked her cautiously.

She nodded, her eyelids drooping. "I'm just tired, is all. Please, continue."

Sophie slid down in her bed and pulled the blanket up to her chin while Andrew continued talking. She barely heard him as her eyes slowly dropped closed.

The End

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