Heart MonitorMature

Sophie's heart beat out of control. She could hear beeping in the background, getting faster the longer they kissed. It took her a moment to realize what the beeping was.

Her heart monitor.

That was the precise reason that her mind snapped awake.

She pulled away from Andrew and took a breath. He looked at her, his face hard to read, though it was obviously a happy expression.

Sophie shook her head, wondering what just happened. As she took deep breaths, she heard the heart monitor slow down beside her. She suddenly remembered that Andrew could also hear the monitor. The thought brought a blush to her cheeks. She tried to open her mouth to speak, but nothing came out. Andrew smiled at her. She smiled back, and…

The door to the room flew open.

"Andrew, we need you." said the Indian woman standing in the doorway. She spoke with an English accent. Sophie vaguely remembers her as the surgeon.

"It's about Moira."

The End

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