Sophie's full confessionMature

Sophie laid her arm across her eyes, trying not to cry any more than she already had. After taking another shaky breath, she started into her story.

"When I was 16, a British exchange Student came to my school. His name was Keith Jackson. He was two years older than me, with red hair and emerald eyes. I'm a sucker for red hair and green eyes…

"Anyways, when he asked me out, I jumped at the chance. It was nice for a while. My mom kept telling me that she had a strange feeling about him, but I didn't want to listen to her. He was brave, exotic, and handsome, what every girl wants, dreams about."

Sophie said this with a slightly dreamy look, though slightly sarcastic and with a scowl on her face.

"Soon, the relationship grew more intimate. Our kisses grew passionate, but that was all we did: kiss. I guess Keith wanted more, because he started trying to take my shirt off and unbutton my pants, but each time it came to that, I backed off. Every time he would apologize, and I was stupid enough to believe him.

"By my 17th birthday, I thought I was in love. Imagine my shock and happiness when he proposed to me. I immediately wanted to say yes, but I at least had the good sense to ask my parents first.

"Because they were such an influence on my life and I was really close to them, I took most of their words to heart. My parents talked me out of it.

"I told him the next day what my parents had said. Keith nodded and told me he understood, that it would be best if we could just be friends.

"So we were friends. But neither one of us could stand that for long. So enough, we were back together again. My parents weren't too happy about it, but I didn't care, I was in love.

"When he asked me to marry him a second time, something once again held me back. After a second no, he started going crazy. I completely broke off the relationship, finally coming to my senses."

Why didn't I just say yes… she thought. By then, Sophie couldn't stop the tears from coming down her face.

"He started stalking me. But one day, I didn't see him anymore. I bought I was finally rid of him. But that night…"

A shiver went through Sophie's body. She saw Dr. Barnett move slightly closer to her.

She continued in a whisper. "He came to my house. He…"

Her voice broke. "He raped me, beat me, every horrible thing he could possibly do to me. Then, while I was unconscious, he went and killed my parents. Luckily, Moira was out of the house that night, or…"

Sophie was crying so hard, her whole body was shaking.

"I never saw him again."

The End

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