Andrew Tries To RelateMature

Andrew was surprised and at the same time relieved that Sophie hadn't tried to push him away again, as he anticipated she would. Maybe she just wanted someone to listen. Fortunately, he was the perfect person for that. His friends often times came to him for advice, especially Emma, and he was always willing to help. His heart went out to Sophie as she confessed what it was that was bothering her. So it was what he thought it was. He gently nodded his head, more to himself than to her as he listened with a heavy heart.

"I'm sorry," he said softly. "My granddad passed away back when I was in high school. He was the only guy on my a scumbag of a dad's side of the family that I could stand. Well, my grandparents anyway." His forehead wrinkled inquisitively. "But I don't understand. How is it your fault that your parents died, or that your older sister almost died? I'm sure that's not true."

He hated it when other people blamed themselves for someone's death, especially someone from their own family. That was never the way it was. In reality, it was just a way of life. Things happened for a reason, but no one's actions are responsible for them. Well...unless they were murdered or there was some other foul play at work.

"I know sometimes you think it's easier, to blame yourself for something like this, but there's a reason for everything, even if you think otherwise. My parents aren't dead, but I kinda wish my dad was. They got divorced years ago. My dad moved to New York and my mom moved to San Francisco with my grandma. So, I guess you could say my family has sort of been absent for half my life, every since I went off to become a doctor." He sighed softly. "But this isn't about me. It's about you. So talk to me. Why do you feel you're to blame?"

He stared at her expectantly, waiting for her to continue.

The End

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