Sophie (sort of) ConfessesMature

Sophie wiped her eyes, silently cursing herself for getting caught crying. Then she thought, screw it. This doctor has already see more emotions out of her than her family had in years.

So she rolled over and nodded to him, not yet trusting herself to speak. He stepped up beside her bed, pulling over the chair. They sat in silence for a while, Sophie noticing that Dr. Barnett felt slightly uncomfortable but past the point of caring.

Finally, the doctor spoke up.

"Are you ok Sophie?" he asked quietly.

She was about to nod her head, her strong-willed nature not wanting to let anyone in. Then she realized that the thing she needed most was comfort at the moment, and if this doctor was the only one willing to give it at the moment, then she was a fool.

So instead, she shook her head and held back more tears. She took a shaky breath and spoke.

"It was my fault my parents died. Moira doesn't know it was me and I don't have the nerve to tell her and that's why I was in the hospital a few years ago and why I didn't-and still don't- want to talks out it." she stopped her rambling by buying her bottom lip. Then quieter, she added, "and just three weeks ago, my older sister almost died, and once again it was my fault."

Dr. Barnett had a curious look on his face. Sophie was slightly surprised. She had just basically admitted that she'd killed her parents-albeit by accident- and he wasn't running in the opposite direction.

There might be hope for this doctor yet.

The End

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