Andrew Mulls It OverMature

Andrew was a little offended that Sophie had asked him to leave, but at least she was stable for the moment, and as long as she didn't pull herself off of her monitors, the nurses at the station down the hall would be able to keep an eye on her, if, for no other reason, than to make sure her vitals didn't drop, or she went into shock, which would probably end up happening, if he didn't figure out the reason for her blackout. He'd have to wait for the nurses to send her blood samples up the lab, and to get the results back, and who knew how long that would take. If the lab was backed up, it could take hours. The question was...could he keep her there for hours? Well, legally, he couldn't, but it would be better if she stayed. Just for one night. Was she going to debate with him about one night?

"I'll send these samples up to the lab for you," said Monique, holding up the test tubes in her gloved hands.

"Thanks Monique, I appreciate it." He said, exuding a deep sigh, wondering how Emma was doing with Sophie's sister, Moira. He glanced from the room he'd just left to the direction of the elevators, then back to the room, holding the envelope of files in front of him, debating whether to leave Sophie or go check on her sister. They still had to talk about what happened, and the fate of her well being and recovery depended on that talk.

Deciding he would stick around a little while longer on this floor, he started pacing back and forth, from one side of the hall to the other. He knew if he stayed away from the ER too long, he was going to get paged, either by his Attending, Michael, or the Chief. He had a couple more patient rounds to make before he could return, but unfortunately, neither of them were on this floor. Hopefully Michael would wander up here looking for him, or to see him slacking off while he really came to check on one of his own patients. He stopped pacing for a moment and looked down at his left wrist, checking his black leather cuff watch. He'd give Sophie another minute. Glancing down the hall towards the nurses station, he counted his blessings that he hadn't heard them call a code or rush towards her room. At least that meant she was still on her monitors.

He was beginning to turn into Michael, worrying so much about his patients. How did this happen? He used to be so laid-back, could shrug any misfortune off as if it were nothing, but now, he was becoming more emotionally involved, and he didn't even know these people well enough to feel this way. He glanced at his watch once more and nodded in approval, deciding it was time to head back, whether she was ready or not. His steps slowed as he quietly approached her room, stopping short when he heard what sounded like crying. A deep and remorseful scowl crossed his face, his heart stinging at the sound. Was that Sophie crying? It had to be. He wondered what could of happened to this girl to make her so sad. Why was she crying? Was it because of what happened to her earlier, or what happened to her years ago that she was trying to hide from him?

He hated to see anyone cry, especially patients under his care. He would often times stand there awkwardly, looking down at his feet, though he wouldn't say anything. He'd just stand there and scowl. Anyone else might of told the patient that they sympathized with them, and knew what they were going through, but sometimes it was better for him and the friends and family of that patient not to say anything, other than to say those five words he had been programmed to say for the past four years..."I'm sorry for your loss." Was that what had caused Sophie to cry? Had she loved someone close to her? Probably. Pushing down the huge lump that had suddenly formed in his throat, he waited a minute or two more until he heard her sobs die down, took a courageous breath, hesitated then finally and cautiously entered the room.

Rapping gently on the open door with the back of his knuckles, he took a few more steps into the room. "Sophie? Hey...can I come in?" He stopped beside the bathroom door to his right, refraining from walking any further, until he knew it was safe to proceed.

The End

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