Andrew Cares For SophieMature

Andrew reached over the bed, pressing the nurses button and calling a code for more assistance. "Sophie?" He rubbed his fist firmly against her sternum, trying to rouse her, but she didn't respond to the pain. "Damn it." Checking for a pulse, he pressed two fingers against her neck, sighing softly when he felt a one, though it wasn't strong. Pulling his pen light from the breast pocket of his lab coat, he leaned over, lifting each one of her eyelids and shining it into her eyes, checking her pupils. Hearing two nurses rush into the room, he reported his findings as they rushed to the bedside, inquiring as to what had happened. "Moira went into shock, so Dr. Clayworth took her back down to the ER. This is her sister, Sophie. She collapsed right after. Pulse is weak and thready. No response to pain. Pupils are mid-range and sluggish."

The Hispanic dark-haired nurse, Monique, slipped sticky probes under Sophie's blouse, attaching them to her chest and proceeding to hook her up to the heart monitor, then attaching a pulse ox clip to her finger. Andrew glanced up at the monitor, noticing the weak heart rate, "all right, pulse ox is a little low. Two liters by mask, non-rebreather. Start an IV, normal saline, and push an amp of Epi."

As Monique pulled out an oxygen mask and slid onto Sophie's face, the other nurse started an IV on Sophie's left arm. Andrew took his stethoscope from behind his neck, putting the tips into his ears and leaning forward, setting the disc down on Sophie's chest, listening to her heart and lungs. Monique pulled the blood pressure cuff from the wall above the bed and wrapped it around Sophie's arm, proceeding to check it. A few seconds later, he removed his stethoscope and placed it behind his neck, "good breath sounds."

"BP's 109/64." Monique informed him.

"Okay," he glanced over at Susan, the other nurse, as she prepped the syringe with the Epi, then at the heart monitor. "Sats are coming back up and so is her heart rate." He sighed softly, brushing his lab coat aside and planting his hands on his hips. "I just met her today, so I don't know her history. She could have a history of heart disease, anemia, or maybe she's just dehydrated. We won't know until she starts coming around." Monique nodded her head in regard.

"Epi is in, Dr. Barnett," Susan said.

"All right, let's order a CBC, Chem 7, ABG, lytes, tox screen," he ordered. Pulling his pen light from his breast pocket a second time, he leaned over the bed once more, lifting her eyelids and checking her pupils once more.

Monique nodded once more, jotting down the necessary tests on the chart in her hands. "Yes, Dr. Barnett."

"Pupils are equal and responsive." He tucked his pen light back in his pocket, rubbing his fist against Sophie's sternum just as before, attempting to rouse her. "Sophie? Can you hear me? Come on, Sophie, wake up." She winced, responding with a faint groan, but didn't open her eyes. "Disorientation, but responsive to pain." He glanced down at her hand, taking it into his own and calling out to her again. "Sophie? It's Dr. Barnett. Can you hear me? If you can hear me, squeeze my hand."  He waited a few seconds and she squeezed his hand, though her grip wasn't that strong. "All right, you collapsed. We're trying to take care of you. Just hang in there. Can you open your eyes?" Her eyes fluttered for a few seconds as she attempted to open them.

"BP's coming back up, 110/70," Monique told him.

Andrew stole a glance at the monitor. "Sats look good, let's remove the mask, six liters by nasal cannula." Susan removed the mask from Sophie's face, replacing it with a nasal cannula that slipped into her nostrils and was tucked behind her ears. Sophie's eyes suddenly came open. He looked down at her with a cordial smile. "Hey Sophie. Remember me? I'm Dr. Barnett. How you doing? Do you know where you are?" He stared intently down at her, waiting for her to respond. She still seemed a little disorriented, but that was normal after her blackout, and he'd seen it countless times before down in the ER.

It would definitely be wise to take her history. If her blackout was due to a bigger issue, she might have to spend the night with her sister as well. He just hoped she didn't have a huge distaste for hospital, which, judging by her behavior earlier, she might. The last thing he needed was for her to try to escape, or check herself out AMA (Against Medical Advice). He'd had his share of those patients before as well. It wasn't easy to deal with them, but he had the help of his Attendings for that.

The End

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