Chapter Two: Sophie MatthewsMature

Sophie stepped through the door of Ceders-Sinai Medical Center. Her sister Moira had been there for three weeks, after a terrible accident.

Sophie refused to think about it.

But it was your fault…

Sophie silenced the little voice in her head. Yet another brick to add to the wall she'd been building over the years…

She quickly checked in with the nurse and headed up to room 207. Along the way, there was a little gift shop that specialized in frilly girly things that made Sophie want to puke. Usually, she would just walk by the store, either shooting it a disgusted look, or just ignoring it completely. But that day, something called her in there.

Looking around the small shop, she remembered that it was the day that Moira was leaving the hospital, so Sophie thought it only right to get her a gift.

Everything in the store was nauseating. Sophie felt a headache coming on just stepping through the door. But she gritted her teeth and pushed onward.

Do if for Moira.

Finally, she found the perfect gift. It was a small, fluffy, pink teddy near with a heart on its stomach. One paw was clamped around a ballon containing assorted chocolates, while the other paw was held up in the air for no reason whatsoever.

It disgusted Sophie, but she knew that Moira would love it. So she picked it up by two fingers, trying not to barf, and carried it to the counter. It was almost a relief when the cashier gift wrapped it and it was out of her sight.

Nodding her thanks, Sophie turned to leave. When she arrived at her sister's room, Sophie saw a doctor talking to Moira, helping her sign some papers.

She stepped inside and placed her gift on the bedside table. The doctor smiled at her and held out his hand.

"Hey, you must be Moira's sister. I'm Dr. Andrew Barnett, the one that's been taking care of your sister." he said. Sophie took in his short brown hair in goatee in silent disgust. She hated men with facial hair. She thought it very unprofessional.

Sophie took his hand and shook it. "Yes, I'm Sophie."

Moira laughed. "Oh, stop being so uptight, Eya!" she exclaimed.

Sophie heard Dr. Barnett chuckle behind her at the use of her childish nickname and bristled, silently cursing her sister.

"I don't go by Sophia anymore, sister." she said. "I go by Sophie now. It's much more professional."

Moira rolled her eyes dramatically at Dr. Barnett as she slowly rolled out of bed. "My sister, ever the practical one."

Dr. Barnett laughed, his hazel green eyes sparkling.

"Woah, slow down Moira. You don't want to hurt yourself again." he said. Then he turned to Sophie. "Are you taking Moira home?" When Sophie nodded, he continued. "Great! There are just a few papers you need to fill out…"

He grabbed a pen and a stack of papers from Moira and gestured outside, where there was a table and chairs, convenient for signing paperwork.

"Ok, I'm gonna help Moira pack he bags." he said. "You can just sit outside to sign the paperwork. We shouldn't take any longer than, say, 10 minutes."

Sophie nodded and stepped outside, delicately sitting herself in one of the chairs and getting to work. In no time, she had read the packet and signed everywhere she needed to.

Sophie checked her watch. It'd been 12 minutes. She shrugged. Just running late, they'd be there any second.

Five minutes later, she heard a commotion coming from room 207. She quickly got up and shuffled over, curious. What she saw shocked her.

After that, everything passed by in a blur. She saw several faces, one woman with black hair pushing herself to the front. Moira was put on a stretcher and wheeled off.

Sophie told herself to show no emotion, it makes you look weak. Dr. Barnett said something to her, but Sophie could hear nothing. The room was spinning. In a daze, she ran into room 207, looking for her sister. She heard footsteps behind her but ignored them.

Sophie collapsed onto the bed, calmly calling her sisters name, a small portion of her mind telling her to remain calm, the rest urging her to find her sister.

The last thing she saw was the unopened gift on the bedside table.

The End

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