The Hearthrobs of Cedars-SinaiMature

Cedars-Sinai Medical Center has always been one of the places for top notch care in Los Angeles, California. Even celebrities go there for help, but in this story, that's not the only thing that Cedars is known for. It's the attractive doctors, surgeons, and even gynocologists that roam the halls saving lives, making men and women swoon, falling in love, sometimes breaking hearts, and trying to cope with the choas in and out of work.

Andrew Barnett adjusted the black stethoscope draped over the shoulders of his white lab coat, before shutting his employee locker and turning to walk out of the lounge, entering the bustling and noisy emergency unit. He was ready to report in for the morning and start making his patient rounds. Andrew had grown up being labeled a "bad boy," from middle school until he graduated high school, but those closest to him knew that that was only half true. While the bad boy exterior he projected still exposed itself every now and then, especially on a Friday night when he played gigs with his punk rock band, Dirty Whiskey, it was the heart of gold inside his toned chest that charmed his friends and family day after day, and plenty of female patients around the ER of Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, where he worked as a third year Resident. Maybe it was the rock star jewelry he wore, the silver rings, the black leather cuff bracelet, and his highly casual, typical hipster attire under his lab coat that he wore to work everyday. He'd heard people ask him time and time again, not only if he was old enough to be a doctor, but if he even was a doctor due to his usual jeans and T-shirt style. At first it was a little funny, but over the years,  it had stopped being funny. Fortunately, the younger girls who roamed into the hospital didn't seem to mind, as long as he showed his pretty face, pursed his luscious lips, focused his penetrating hazel eyes on them,  and flashed them that gorgeous smile of his. He didn't have a problem getting girls in the ER, and certainly not outside of it either, but he still hadn't found the one, the one he had been looking for all his life.

Grabbing a chart from the holder at the edge of the desk, he briefly looked it over before turning on his heels and crossing towards the patient white board overlooking a curtained out area, where numerous patients were lying on gurneys, either sleeping or being tended to by his fellow co-workers. Okay, now where should he start? First thing's first, it was time to find out who needed to be discharged, so he could start clearing out some beds for new patients and getting rid of the old.

The End

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