The Nightmare becomes Reality

The battle continued on a lot longer than Judgement or Light could of imaged, Flash body suddenly just disappeared into thin air and her screams could be heard all along the battlefield. Then after her screams stops and North suddenly started laughing at the foolish attempts of them trying to win this battle when they were clearly losing. A cold mist descended over the battle ground, suddenly ambush not from scourge but the Scarlet Crusade.


“Pull back men, pull back!”

Both armies pulled back, retreated back to their bases. Now they were trapped in their own base and stuck with nowhere else.

Meanwhile back at home. Dawn was unaware of pending danger which she and her family was in, she was watching her two beautiful daughters play happily while feeding the horses in the stables, the snow was on ground and there was deadly cold breeze though the air. Kelenia jumped up and ran to help her mom out, and then a small gunshot was heard. Dawn jumped in shock, hurried her girls into the house for safety.

“Come out! Whoever you are!”

A very evil laugh was heard; Lady Dawn looked around and saw they were surrounded by the Scarlet Crusaders. She drew out her sword and tried her best to fight them all off and away from her children. One of Scarlet Crusaders who went by the name Harold otherwise known as Harold the Bully, now known as Harold the Champion of Scarlet Crusade walked over and grabbed Lady Dawn.

“Let me go!” She screamed

“You’re husband, can’t help you know”

“Let me go, let me go”

Couple minutes later, Lady Dawn was laid dead. Harold had taken her by force and botched her body, a harrowing of screams came within the house, the servants had been killed and even Judgement children. By the time the news had reached Judgement, the war for Lordaeron had been lost and they were fighting.


LightSeal ran over by Judgement screaming and raging bad mood, Judgement was throwing weapons around and storming around like his head was on fire.

“Judgement, what is it?” Light asked

“Scarlet crusade murdered my family…”

“Judgement, I’m so sorry”

“Harold, raped and killed my wife then raped and killed my daughters”

“Judgement, take your army and go straight home”

“Thank You”

Judgement rushed to get ready to go home, once he was on his way every mile felt like it took forever. When he finally reached home, the smell of rotting corpses filled the air and the screams continued still even after his family was killed.

“What Monster would do this…?”

Silence filled the air. Judgement edge forward towards his house opened the door quietly and walked in. To his horror saw his daughters laid there, naked with their dresses ribbed and their bodies destroyed.

“No…please not let it be so”

Judgement pushed him to clean and repair his daughters bodies, she sobbed while doing so. He couldn’t believe what happen, all he had worked for had been destroyed in a mindless slaughter.

“My daughters…my beautiful daughters”

JudgementStrike was heartbroken; he dressed his daughters in their finniest and buried them in their gardens. He walked out of house went to find his wife, he did find her. Dawn was laid outside, clothes ripped from her body. Her legs broken, her tongue cut out and her eyes gorged out. Judgement looked over his wife body and saw the carved message on his wife body.

“Watch, you’re back Judgement, we’re onto you!”

JudgementStrike tensed up and cleaned up her body, wrapped up the body in a white sheet. Judgement every step felt like his heart was breaking more and more, until he eventfully broken down in tears.


Judgement looked up, there was LightSeal. Judgement just sobbed holding his wife body close to him. LightSeal helped him clean up her body and burry it, then repaired his house and held his friend close.

“We’ll get them back Judgement”

“He raped my wife and daughters”

“It’s going be okay

The End

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