The War Begins: Judgement Pain Begins

The War rage on for years to come, the champions of the cities of Lordaeron, Quel'Thalas and Stratholme, began to lose faith in the whole aim of this war. Judgement and the two other High Commanders, FlashBlade and LightSeal were by his side. LightSeal, the High Commander of the armies of Stratholme and FlashBlade the High Commander of armies of Quel'Thalas stood firmly with Judgement.

"Any news of your family?" Flash smiled at him, she was much younger than the other two, possible 23 while Judgement was 34 and Light was nearly 38.

"Not of yet"

Judgement sighed.

LightSeal did come back, couple minutes. Judgement looked up instantly, LightSeal handed him a letter. Judgement opened instantly, began to read it.

Dear my beautiful talented husband

I'm missing you so much. The moral around the villages are low and continuing to drop by the sight of the wounded and dead young men coming back, not a single sign of any of the injured improving or surviving. Judgement, I want you home. Please leave this horrible war.

The girls miss you so much Judgement. Please just return safely to us Judgement, you are the most important in the world to us, please just come home safely.

All my love,

Lady Dawn.

Judgement smiled, walked over to his War Charger and mounted carefully upon it’s back. He took the standard out and waved the flag of his home land around in the wind, his loyal troops cheered and raised their weapons to the sky.

“Judgement!” They cheered loudly

“Let the sins of the past, we remembered!”

They cheered again

“This is OUR hour of rightful retribution!”

They cheered again, very loudly

“This is our hour! For Lordaeron!”

“For Lordaeron!” They cheered in response.

The army of Lordaeron began to mount up and prepare themselves for battle, Judgement pulled up his hood and held his sword up in the air, the troops cheered and cheered. FlashBlade turned to the army of Quel’Thalas and raised her hammer, her army cheered just as loudly then finally LightSeal turned his army, the army of Stratholme and they cheered as loudly as the other two.

“Today is our day!” Judgement shouted

“Now is our time!” Flash then continued

“For the fallen!” Light finished

Then the battle started again, for the fourth time. Arthas army was far too strong; eventfully the armies of undead scourge were far too powerful. Flash was laid flat out on the ground, weak from fearsome cannon ball. Her body laid bleeding, destroyed as the darkness covered over it.

“What in the name of light is this?”

“Judgement, regroup it’s too late for her”

“No! It’s never too late”

“Judgement don’t be foolish”

“Listen LightSeal, we can run away but we must face this”

“I agree but there is nothing we can do for her now”


“Judgement fall back and regroup”


Judgement singled his armies, rode back to centre point with LightSeal and what was left of Flash’s army. It wasn’t many, almost like 300 Spartans Vs the might of Persian army again. Judgement looked at his army then back at LightSeal, who at this time was beginning to look very exhausted and worn down.

“How you holding out LightSeal?”

“I-I’m fine, one last charged before calling it a night?”

“Yes, one last push”

LightSeal blew his trumpet; the troops got in formation and prepared themselves for another charge. Judgement held his locket close to him; he was beginning to feel nervous and anxious. LightSeal nodded and placed his helmet back on.

“For Stratholme!!”

“For Lordaeron!”

They went into battle again; Judgement looked around for North, the Plague Bringer. North was one of head Death Knights of Arthas, by now Flash body was now completely covered in dark mist and it was freezing her to bone, Flash was struggling to remain alive let alone awake.

The End

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