The HeartBreak of JudgementStrike

This is the story of JudgementStrike, the bravest, the noblest and the nicest paladin you will hope to meet. How his once perfect life turned upside down by the fate and war. How he lost everything with one simple war.


You would never think the once proud, noble and beautiful human kingdom of Lordaeron. This once happy city, like Stratholme before it was destroyed and burned down to the ground by the wake of Scourge and their leader, Arthas former prince of the beloved city now turned Lich King. 

Our story centres on the brave SilverHand Paladin known as JudgementStrike aka Judgement or Judy to his friends. At the wake of the third war, the noble paladin had a family and was happy but that changed...Judgement for all his brave and noble deeds was hated by some people, but hated the most from a group called the Scarlet Crusade now known as Scarlet Onslaught. It was a warm summer's eve, the news of the destruction of Stratholme had reached Lordaeron, Judgement was putting his children to bed, three year old Kelenia and eight year old Dawnling. His wife the beautiful Lady Dawn, the love of his life and women of his dreams was sat downstairs reading waiting for her husband to come down.

"Dawn?" Judgement walked downstairs asking for her

Lady Dawn looked up at him, what a handsome man she had married. Judgement was fit, muscly and almost hunky, he had dreamy misty blue eyes with a charming a smile which could make anyone melt in his arms.

"Dawn, we need to talk"
"I'm leaving for war, in the morning"
"Oh...To fight the undead scourge"
"I know, I'm sorry babe"
"It's not okay, I've heard rumours"
"Oh you mean about the extent of the invasion"
"That and the horrors of torture"

Judgement slowly nodded, knelt to her and took her hands. She looked at him with weepy eyes and slight frown about her face. She knew it could mean losing him, not allot of people who had went off to fight, had returned. 

"I promise you, my love. I shall return"
"How can you promise that?"

Judgement took out his holy relic; small stone cross with a bright blue gemstone in the centre. Placed their hands around it.

"I swear on the presence of light itself, I will return to you."
"Keep faith our love judgement. Keep true to me"
"I swear I will"
"The armies of Lordaeron are lucky to have such a High Commander like you"
"I am lucky to have you"
"I'm far luckier to have you"

Judgement took her bed, had one more night of passion with his wife. In the earliest hours of the morning, Judgement was getting ready to leave. He kissed his daughters head softly and then kissed his beloved wife goodbye.

"Commander!!" A voice shouted up to him
"What is it?" Judgement cried back
"Tis, time. Our hour of retribution has come"

Judgement finished his jobs, placed his sword at his side, shield and war hammer upon his back, jumped on his war charger and rode off to his legion to command.

First three months, endless slaughter and chaos. City upon city fell to Arthas and his legion of darkness. Stratholme first, then the elves city of Quel'Thalas fell. Lordaeron could be next. The armies of Lordaeron had already been destroyed; Judgement had the uneasy job of being head executor of the Scourge generals and traitors. Welcome sight it was seeing the remaining armies of Stormwind and Ironforge coming, leading the army from Stormwind was none other the King Lane Wynn.

"Back up!" A scout shouted over to Judgement

Judgement finished his praying, walked over to his Majesty King Lane Wynn. 

"High Commander"
"You're highness"
"How goes the battle?"
"Badly...very badly"
"Scale of the loses?"
"We're lost half of our armies"
"Any sign of him?"
"No sign yet"

King Lane nodded, prepared his army for battle. Judgement looked at the huge enemy forces ahead of him. He walked to the top of the hill, where Light's Hope Chapel stood, peacefully and beautifully. 

"Hear me Armies of Lordaeron!"

Everyone turned to him, their eyes gazing up towards him and their ears listening to every word.

"Today we fight for our kingdom, our king, our families and friends" 

They cheered loudly.

"Now is our time!"

The End

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