A Hatred As Old As Ice

As soons as the words left the boys mouth images flashed before Arius eyes then he had a vision. It was a man running as fast as his two feet would take him running onto the cold frozen waters of the arctic. He stopped to catch his breath then it appeared. Hundreds of thousands of ravens came down from the heavens seeking the taste of human flesh. The man reached for his only weapon a spear that had been in his family for generations. He fought off the ravens as best he could but there were to many suddenly they all stoped. The reached inside his shirt and pulled out his last chance of survival and amulet. He held the necklace to his heart then he heard a voice inside his mind " i'm coming". Instantly the night sky lit up with hundreds no millions of bears in form of light scratching, bitting , destroying the ravens. Then they disapeared. The man looked to the sky and said " thank you" . As soon as he finished his sentance he heard a cold sinister laugh and then he was stabed in the heart by his own spear.

The End

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