Deep inside the Crystal Labyrinth

Arius listened for the sound of the child 's voice but could only here the the echos's of the air rushing through the cave. Suddenly he entered a chamber he walking through not fully sure about what he was doing. Something seemed familiar about the room.

Than he finally spoted the child. The little boy was crying Arius walked up to him than the oddest thing occured he heard a voice in his head not like the voice of the fox but more like a young child.

"Where am I? " What is this place"? "Who is that bear?" As he heared the thoughts in his head he noticed something around the boys neck. It was and amulet with a painting of a half man half bear with a heart in between each half. Half of the heart was ice while the other was of human flesh.

Arius whispered "What is that necklace" and why had he felt that he had seen it before. To Arius's suprise the boy responded "My father gave it to me before he died" .

The End

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