The Prophecy

"The white bear and the boy, together they run. The white bear and the boy, to the crystal labyrinth, they come."

The glow faded from the fox's eyes, eyes now again only yellow. She tipped her head sideways, and seemed content to stare at Arius.

"That's all?" said the bear, standing up so tall that he bumped his head under the icy roof of the blue cave, and remembered, with a jolt, his sore ear the arrow flew through.

Blinking once, the fox replied, "That's the message. The All...That would be telling, now, wouldn't it be? You're part of something now, Bear. You don't know what. You don't even know why you took the child. But, you will. It's a prophecy, after all. The white bear, and the boy. You're the Chosen. There's always a chosen. And you're it."

Arius puffed down at the fox.

Suddenly, and sounding far away, a small voice cried, "Mommmmy."

Arius looked, saw the little boy was not where he had put him, and was, of course, gone.

"Mommmmy," called the small voice, again, from the darker blue further inside the ice cave.

"You should go find him," said the fox. "It's probably also part of the prophecy. And be careful not to get lost. This isn't called a crystal labyrinth for nothing."

The End

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