The heart of the Ice

It was night time. The stars were shinning as brightly as ever twinkling in the moonlight. Arius was tired weak and hungry he hadn't had a meal in weeks but he was a very powerful polar bear there were times and conditions much worse that he had survived through. Suddenly he heared a voice. A dark menacing voice that sounded full of trickory and evil. " Well well well look what the Arctics greatest of wariors has been subjected to." Arius looked up and saw a red fox with bright yellow eyes staring at him menacingliy. Who are you Arius said to the fox. " I am many things being in many places but right now the most important place is here. You are a very powerful bear and  very useful in due time said the fox. Whats that suppose to mean but before the fox could answer they both heared a large group of foot steps. It was a group of men 10 of them to be exact plus a mother and her baby boy they surounded Arius and the fox. "Hmmm looks like my time is up said the fox. The fox disapeared into thin air leaving Arius alone. The Men pointed there guns towards him. Than Arius heared the foxes voice again whispering " Men and there guns when will they ever learn". Suddenly the mens guns floated into the air than it transphormed into a huge flock of ravens. Arius was relived but than he was shot in the ear with an arrow . He let out a loud ROAAARR. Without thinking Arius jumped into the air and grabed the baby boy and ran as fast as he could without looking back all he could here was the shrieks of the mother and the sounds of the arrows cutting through the Arctic air. He ran for a very long time until he came upon a cave made of what looked liked a cave made of pure ice.

The End

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