The Heart of HydeMature

ever wondered what might Jeckyl & Hyde would be like in today's era? what it would be like to have your very own hyde? well here it is.

It was dark and cold. The stars themselves seemed to be trying to peer into the
cold mansion. It’s halls spoke of unspeakable evils. The brick alive with
malice. The grass on the lawn was long and dying. Trees seemed to sag. Only a
single window burned and a single chimney spoke of smoke. Inside was an ornate
room with shadows playing demons dances on the walls and a hearth burning
violently. In the middle of it two shadows sat. A single on leaned forward and
spoke a horrid voice. It was the sound of a broken soul a despairing man and a
desire to wash itself into oblivion.

“When does it cross the line? Is it
when you steal? Make a child cry? Mayhap when you kill a man?” The voice
rasped,” I have nothing for which I fight except my sanity. I have little to
love and hate after all I have seen.”

The other shadows lips moved a
little. To which the other responded “ How it started. Maybe it started in the
lab when I drank the foul concoction. Maybe it was on that dark night crying in
the trees. Maybe it was on the day of my first kill. Maybe it was when my wife
died in my arms.” He laughed. It was a cruel sound” I have nothing left but my
story and this bottle of wine.” He tilted forwards the bottle and some spilled
on the floor as the shadow grinned.

Again the lips of the other shadow
moved” Is all this mine? Oh of course I live in this grand mansion. But tell me
what does this do for my heart, my soul. Ha never mind those things died long
ago. But I guess I might as well tell you. You won’t leave till I do. Or are you
another of those guards? A scientist? I’m afraid to tell you there not much else
to study I died a long time ago.”

The other shadow shook his head and
moved it‘s lips. Once more the other responded“….oh what’s that you want a
story? Aaah I see well where shall I begin? The screams? The death? My decent
into insanity? My little genius plans? What I did to become so rich?”

other shadow tensed and leaned forward just a little. The ginning one broke into
a full on smile.” Oh yes you would love that wouldn’t you? well I’m sorry but It
wasn’t through some amazing feat of business. Ahhh but we’ll get to that.” the
silent shadow leaned back into it’s chair. Disappointed.

Once more the smiling shadow laughed a brutal sound “Well you see I wasn’t always like this
with the heart of the demon Hyde. I was once normal. Ha-ha I see the doubt in
your eyes. But I guess it began on that day so long ago. Well if your going to
hear this then you better get comfortable and a trash can to puke in. I’m going
to tell you the story of a madman, a demon, a murder and a lover. Why I’m going
to tell you the story of Hyde and me.” the demon spoke as he threw a log into
the now simmering fire. As it roared a face appeared. Black hair that stuck in
all directions. He bore dimples and laugh lines. His teeth were bleach white.
Tears stained his cheeks. But the thing that truly made him frightening was his
eyes. Those eyes were the eyes of one who is damned and happy to be so. They
could scare the hardest of men, those eyes. Deep electric blue and they spoke of
insanity. His lips moved and that horrid sound coyly crept forth “I hope you
enjoy.” he said sweetly.

The End

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