The Heart of Darkness

Researcher 'Henry Lansend' has been studying myths and legends for most of his life. Having recently taken a special interest in the stories of Nyarthlutath he learns of an artifact known as 'The Heart of Darkness.'

Nyarthlutath. The Godlike manifestation of dark thoughts and nightmare born into the human subconscious the very moment humanity was created. She, or it, exists by force of the dark emotions that invade and infest every corner of the human world, from the city streets, to country houses and even to the pages of history. Not a moment has gone by without selfishness, greed, jealosy and fear controlling humanity.

My name is Henry Lansend, I am a researcher into myths and legends at the Miskatic University London. My tale begins on a day like any other, sat alone in my study with a pipe and a small glass of whiskey. My lamp flickered frequently, my offices electrics were faulty. The room was usually very dark anyway, having no windows of its own it relied on the light of the corridor when no light was on.

An assistant of mine had left a letter for me before I arrived at the university that morning. I had not opened it yet, having more pressing matters to attend to. It was not until midnight that very night that I opened it. The halls were silent, the light flickered as it always had, the sound of the strong winds outside filtered into the cracks and the walls and created an eery wailing sound. This made me uneasy, more so because the nature of my studies into things beyond the very darkness of reality, creatures and creators beyond even Satan's wildest nightmare. Such studies were not for the faint hearted, such studies were damming.

Dear Mr Lansend

I hope this letter reaches you in high spirits. My name is Nattal Yathru, I am a researcher much like yourself. I had heard from a colleague of mine that you are one of the nations lead researchers into the myths of Nyarthlutath. I write to you today to request the sharing of ideas on such an interesting and exciting subject. I have enclosed a few photos and documents that have some most interesting ideas attached. For example The Heart of Darkness seems to me to be the single most fascinating part of the Nyarthlutath mythos. I hope to hear from you soon with your own thoughts on the matter.

Sincerely Nattal Yathru

A short letter, although it seemed genuine enough to me at the time, despite the odd name. This 'Heart of Darkness' also interested me, although there was something about it, just hearing its name caused awkward shivers to cast over me. An odd kind of anxiety, a fear of the unknown took me when I thought too deeply about it. Perhaps there are instincts with in the human mind that makes even unknown horrors such as this abhorrent to even think of. A survival instinct that has kept man safe from the predations of dark things since time immemorial. I should not have replied to that letter, I should have listened to my own conscience telling me to ignore it. I failed to resist.


The End

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