A Moment of Our Choosing~ Part Two

The elf lingered in the training hall long after Racieus had left. His memory, used to recalling information hundreds of years past, had no problems remembering the War for Teranore, and the acts of a certain Halfling. Though he would never tell him, Sigurd had been surprised, impressed even, by the halfling’s ferocious prowess in battle. All the members of their company fought with the courage and skill worthy of a hero, but now that he thought about it, Sigurd realized that the halfling’s will to fight surpassed mere heroism.

There had been something more driving him on.

Obviously it had something to do with his past, but Sigurd didn’t know what. Racieus never spoke much about his life before the war. The elf had tried to prompt him in subtle and not-so-subtle ways but each time the halfling managed to turn away his inquiries.

“What do you have buried in your past small one?” the elf whispered.

The fact that the halfling refused to tell him almost made Sigurd not want to know the answer.


“Is everything alright Lord Racieus?”

“I’m not a lord Glaedwell. How mnay times do I have to say it?”

The stable-mater smiled. “Until one of us dies my lord. You are officially an advisor and friend of Lord Sigurd Vallentious. Being an advisor alone would be enough to pull rank on most any other elf here. Being a personal friend of Sigurd only raises your status and position.”

“I do not wish for status and position. They are binding and they bring un-welcome attention. You’ll never see me counted among the nobility. Willingly.” He added with a glance at Glaedwell.

“Well if I were to deny you the honor due to one of your position, it would be an insult to his lordship. You wouldn’t want that woul-“ another glance from Racieus made the elf reconsider his words.

“Yes well… I suppose you wouldn’t mind that at all now that I think about it. Regardless, I do not wish to slight Lord Vallentious, and will show his friends the respect they have somehow earned.” This last was said with a roll of the horse-master’s eyes.

“For all your blabber about station and rank, I will miss you Glaedwell. In answer to your question, yes everything is fine. There is a meeting of my kin. A meeting of debatable importance. I would like to be present for it.”

The elf watched Racieus, as if knowing that the halfling was holding something back. When he saw that nothing more was forthcoming, Glaedwell smiled and patted Racieus’ shoulder.

“Good luck my Lo-… my friend. I wish you good traveling and a speedy return.”

“Thank you. If I’m wrong, I should be back in a couple of weeks.”

“Wrong about what Racieus?”

The small fighter didn’t miss a beat.

“Wrong about how long it will take my kin to get their minds off of food and to the matter at hand!” He gave his tall companion one last smile then wheeled his pony about and galloped off.

No sooner was he out of earshot, when he began to curse himself for his fumble.

The End

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