A side story starring Racieus from The Collaboration: Heroes of Ternaore

The world of halflings has ever been a quiet one. The small folk are quiet content with their own comings and goings and pay little attention to the outside world. While they lack the strength of men, the knowledge of elves, and the craftsmenship of the dwarves, there is one thing that halflings contain to make up for their small stature. Their courage, their passion, and their loyalty. In essence, the halfling is known for its heart. 

As time has passed, this formidable quality has gradually passed from the world of halflings. Swords were put down in favor of spades. Horses were used for farming, and not war. And the thrill of adventure was all but forgotten. It was often remarked that a stout heart was the gift of a halfling, because in any other more capable being it would be too great an asset. Combine heart with any other quality, strength, knowledge, or skill, and you have a force to be reckoned with, a force that would be too dangerous if its course ever erred on the side of evil. A halfling's love for peace and quiet was the necessary check for so great a power, and, much like a floodgate, years of inactivity had cemented the check and made it all but impossible for the gates to open once again.

But with enough pressure, even a floodgate will crack and eventually burst, and at long last a halfling was born. A halfling who had no small degree of heart. He was the first crack.

This is a tale concerning the re-emergence of the halfling's powerful trait. It goes back to a time of new peace. A short-lived peace, but a peace nonetheless. It was the eye of the storm of a much larger conflict. While our hero's story begins long before, this tale opens with the victory of The Heroes of Teranore, the group of extraordinary people impressed into service by fate itself. Their story had ended, or so they had thought, but it was simply the passing from one chapter to the next, and fate would have them retain their parts. Some would wait behind the curtain, but others would once again take the stage, and it is with one such player that this epic begins. 

A halfling named Racieus.

The End

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