The heart never lies

Just a little fun word play, a short comical story about the lies we tell the ones we love most

"Do you love me ?" I asked, pending a simple reply

"Yes I do my dear, until the day I die." He did lie

So on we went about our day, two souls instead of one

Working hard, hand in hand, until the day is done

At nights fall, my head rests upon my pillow well

Secret whispers I hear, but do not tell

I ask once more with little hope "Do you love me still?"

He fibbed once more, "Yes my dear, with all my will."

As the new day breached , I did not say a word

Emerging from my slumber, and this is what I heard

"Do you love me dear?" his words barely heeded

I sat there for a moment, then I proceeded

"Today I will plan your funeral." is all I verbalize

I could see, this caught him by surprise

This stranger in my bed, was no longer mine

You see, he became unfaithful over time

I gripped his chin into my hand and this is what I said

"If you really loved me,  you'd already be dead."

With much confusion, he peered into my eyes

I exhaled, "You see my love, the heart never lies."

The End

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