The heart can sometimes surprise you.

Susannah's dreams were restless that night,a feverish swirl of color and images that moved so quickly she woke up disoriented and with a slight headache.

She was sluggish that day, not taking the best of notes in her Sociology class. Susannah had a break in between classes, so she decided to grab some coffee before her Linguistics class in the hopes that the caffeine would revive her.

So wrapped up was she in the events of the night before, a pair of blue eyes locked in her mind's eye, that she walked right into someone upon entering the library. All of her books flew out of her arms, and she immediately apologized, abashed.

"I am so sorry!" She bent down to pick up her books, and when she lifted her head again, she met a pair of blue eyes, only they did not belong to him. No, these belonged to another boy, one whom she used to carry in her hopes, the same boy she'd met in the library a few days before.

"Oh, hi," she said, smiling. Susannah waited for her pulse to quicken, as it normally did whenever she saw the handsome boy on campus, but was nonplussed when it did not. Instead, she found herself comparing him to James. This boy's eyes were not the same piercing shade of blue but rather more washed out, and both his hair and eyelashes were a feathery blond, the lashes so light they were almost nonexistent. He had a similar build to James, true, but he did not carry his physicality with the same ease as James did.

Susannah realized that the blond boy was speaking to her and scurried to catch up mid-sentence.

"... remember you from our Approaching Literature class last semester. Your name's Susannah, right?"

Susannah blushed, realizing she did not even know this boy's name, despite the fact that he'd starred in several of her daydreams.

"Yeah. Um, I'm sorry, I don't remember yours..."

He smiled, his eyes crinkling in an attractive way. But they didn't smolder like James's did... OK, pay attention, Susannah! He's talking again and you're going to miss his name, she chided herself.

"Oh, that's alright. There must be a thousand guys on campus with my name. It's just Joe."

"Hi, 'Just Joe.,'" Susannah said, smiling. She was amazed at how easy it felt speaking to him. She didn't stutter or even blush once.

He accompanied her back into the library, despite the fact that she'd bumped into him on his way out, and he wound up buying her a coffee, in spite of Susannah's repeated insistence to let her pay for it herself.

Susannah was seriously starting to wonder if she'd entered an alternate universe when Joe walked her to her next class.

Aggie, who shared this class with Susannah, was waiting outside the door, texting with rapid-fire precision on her Blackberry. She almost dropped her phone when she saw her friend's companion.

The End

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