Bravely The Heart Leads

"James," Susannah sighed out.

Aggie giggled. "You make his name sound dreamy.. Is he dreamy?"

"He has the most amazing hair and eyes! And he talked to me first! I think he is interested in me. He asked to come over at 7 and 'study'." Susannah make quote mark in the air with two fingers on each hand as she had seen Aggie do many times when ranting about some story she was editing. She disappeared around the corner to brush her teeth.

There was a knock on the door.

"Aggie! Distract him! I need a minute!"

Aggie answered the door. "Hello! You must be James!" She leaned on the door frame and looked him up and down.

"Indeed, I am. I am here to study with.. your roommate." He blushed.

"She didn't tell you her name? That's so like her! Come in!" Aggie stepped aside, flung the door wide and watched him enter the small room, so she could see his rear. She had a thing for them.

"Her name is Susannah, but I call her Suse. She is just powdering her nose. Would you like a drink?"

"Do you have soda?"

"We do."

"I'll take one please, with ice."

Aggie went to get the drinks, and James seated himself on the couch. "So, James, where do you come from? You have a charming way with manners, like those from the south, but no southern accent."

"I travelled a lot as a child. I've lived in nine different states, and three countries."

"Wow! You have had a lifetime of experiences, I bet!"

"I have. Most of which I don't wish to recount."

"That's too bad, I'd love to hear about them! You'd make a very interesting story for the school paper."

"Oh, Aggie!" Susannah had emerged and heard her roommate's pandering. "Leave him alone!" Susannah was dressed in a sequined camisole, pale pink, with a fuzzy white wrap for warmth and her best pair of jeans, the ones that made her legs shapely and long, shoving some hip fat back to her butt. James noticed.

"I trust that Aggie hasn't scared you off, James. In fact, she was just leaving!" Aggie shot a look at Susannah of surprise and dislike, and Susannah pushed her towards the door.

"Where am I going to go!?" Aggie whispered frantically.

"I don't care, anywhere but here!" Susannah whispered back.

When the door shut, Susannah suddenly realized she was alone with a guy. The shock of that hit her and tied her tongue. She froze when her eyes met his and her cheeks flushed. She giggled, but didn't know what to do next. Her mind went blank. James gestured to the cushion beside him and she gratefully sat.

The End

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