The heart can sometimes be an open book.

Susannah didn't remember how she got back to her dorm. One minute she was smiling goodbye to James, the next she was opening her door. She felt as though she had been transported in a cloud, the haze of it still behind her eyes. Despite the chilly air, she felt warm somehow, as though there were a glow inside her that spread from her head to her toes.

As she dumped her bookbag on the kitchen counter, her roommate Aggie stumbled out of their shared bedroom, blearily rubbing bloodshot eyes.

"How's the editing going?" Susannah asked sympathetically as she bit into an apple from the bowl on the counter. Aggie had recently been appointed as the editor of the Beacon, the school newspaper.

Aggie grabbed another apple from the same bowl and sat down on a stool with a heavy sigh.

"That bad, huh." Susannah supplied helpfully.

"You don't even know the half of it. Had I known that editing would involve writing the whole darn paper ..."

"You still would've done it."

Aggie's laugh lit up the room like lightning. "Ha, you're probably right, Suse. I am a sucker for punishment if ever there was one."

Susannah pitched the apple core into the trash and stole a peek at the clock on the wall. Drat! She only had twenty minutes to get ready. Where had the time gone?

"Going somewhere?" Aggie inquired, her eyebrow raised suggestively. She had noticed the flush on Susannah's cheeks the second she'd seen her.

For a second, Susannah debated whether or not to tell Aggie. A part of her wanted to keep tonight a secret, like a thought you hold in your mind, turning it over in your memory again and again, secure in the knowledge that you alone owned it.

But Aggie was her best friend, her confidant. They'd followed each other from high school. She'd never kept anything from Aggie, ever. So there was that, too.

In the end, Aggie sussed it out. Susannah should've known better - this was Aggie, after all, editor extraordinaire: "What's his name?"

The End

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