The Heart is A Mysterious Organ

When he introduced himself, with his hand extended in a friendly attempt at a shake, Susannah's heart fluttered again. She swallowed against her sudden cotton-mouth and shook his hand firmly.

"Nice to meet you, James," she managed. His eyes met hers and she blushed horribly scarlet. Thanks goodness Professor Simms entered and began teaching.

She tried to focus on the words coming from Professor Simms mouth, as well as jot them down next to the notes she'd copied laboriously from the board. But honestly, she had only a vague idea of what they meant.

When class was over, she deliberately packed up her things slowly, hoping James would do the same. He instead packed quickly and ventured over to her chair, even though it was only one step.

"Do you understand this biology stuff, mitosis and meiosis?"

"I think so. Its about how cells divide, why? Are you having trouble?"

"I was hoping perhaps we could study together."

"Oh. Well, how does tonight sound?"

"Tonight is perfect! Seven?"

"Seven is great!"

Susannah practically skipped to her dorm. Her heart felt light and fluttery again. She hardly noticed the cold chill in the air as she thought only about the proposed study session tonight.

The End

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