The heart is a resolute organ.

Susannah's breathing seemed inordinately loud to her in the small classroom. She prayed the stranger on her left didn't hear it. How had she not seen this boy before? This marine biology class had been going on for two weeks at least. Susannah decided he must be new.

In order to occupy her thoughts (and try to bring her heart rate down), Susannah began copying the notes that were written on the board. She took great care to make sure her penmanship was neat, precise, but if you were to quiz her on the contents of the notes right now, she would surely fail. It had something to do with mitosis and meiosis. That was all she knew.

If you were to quiz her on the stranger to her left, she would fare much better. Eye color? Blue. Hair color? Black - no, wait, raven-black. Height? Six feet or just over. Build? Lanky, but with a hint of muscle in the shoulders. Name? Oh wait, she didn't know that yet.

Just as she was thinking about gathering the courage to ask him his name, she heard him cough. Instinctively, she looked up at him and felt her cheeks grow warm again when she found his smiling eyes staring into hers.

"Forgive me, I didn't properly introduce myself. I'm James."

The End

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