the flame of life


  His name was kaldor.  He was once known as a hero of the land, but now his heart is cold as ice.  The very ground he walks on crystalizes as he steps.  His heart was once beautiful like a blazing wildfire on a mid summer's eve.  It is though that man never existed now.  He was scorned; cast out by the one he loved.  His soul torn to shreds and his aspirations crushed, he moves on; a heartbeat that lasts for eternity.  So silent is it that it is all but not beating at all. 


  He was a hero of the people.  It is true.  Kaldor saved lives numbering in the millions in his life time.  It is anyone's guess to how old he actually was, but he looked no more than thirty.  He has now lived too long to remember all of the things he has done, for the curse of immortality is not a kind one.  he has slaughtered thousands, saved millions, yet none of that matters any longer.  He is an outcast.  People try to kill him whenever they even see him.  It never works. 


I don't know where else to start, so i may as well start from the beginning.  He was born in raised in what is now known as New Hampshire but was known as C'lavenstead when he originaly lived there.  His name was Kulren. He was raised by his parents until the age of 8, when they where scalped right in front of him as he was forced to watch.  He was about to experience a similar fate as them when a hero came and saved him.  The hero's name was Kalder.  The hero Kalder sacrificed himself to save Kulren.  When he was about to be gutted, Kalder took the hit for Kulren.  Before he died, Kalder killed all of the bandits, keeping himself from collapsing with a sword in his side with shear willpower.  When he died, his last words were this: "i want you to save people like i saved you, alright?"  Kulren nodded.  Kulren then decided to change his name to Kaldor, but only because he couldn't pronounce Kalder correctly.  From then, he began living on the streets, until he found his next home.


  His parents could not afford education, so he did not go to school.  This was the reason for his incorrect speech habits.  He always had bad speech habits until more recently, but we will get to that later.  He wore his new name proudly and with honor.  He was later taken in by a mysterious man who's name is unknown.  All that is known of this man is that he was indisputably the best swordsman known to man.  He came across Kaldor while he was searching through the trash for food on the brink of death.  Kaldor owed everything to this man, which includes his life.  The man had decided that he was in need of a disciple, so he trained Kaldor as his own.  Kaldor was on the skinny side, with an excellent physique.  This could perhaps be why the man chose Kaldor as his apprentice, but no one knows.

  Kaldor trained every day with his master.  He got better and better, until he could hold his own in a fight with his master. He was,of course, still no match for the master, but he was getting better.  His training became even more extensive from then on.  He had the physical strength of a wild boar, with the speed and agility of a cheetah.  His muscle mass wasn't too much bigger than that of when he first started.  His muscles were however extremely dense.  Kaldor was already extremely skilled at using a sword, but he had much to learn before he would surpass the master.  After several years of training, the day approached.  He would soon  have his chance to prove himself to his master. Once every year, his master and him would have a duel.  Every time they dueled, it was almost as though his master knew exactly how well he would do before he even did it.  Kaldor trained until his body gave out on him, then he kept going.  After three straight days of physical training, and three nights of rest, he was ready.  They bowed before the battle as was tradition.  In the blink of an eye their swords were clashing.  Hit after hit, perfect blocks and perfectly precise slices the battle was over.  Their swords were like lightning.  they moved their arms too fast to follow with the untrained eye.  The fight lasted for hours until suddenly, the master made a mistake.  Kaldor seized the opportunity and went in for the kill, coming so close to stabbing his master that when he stopped, it was as though there was a barrier stopping him from doing it.  His sword at his masters throat, Kaldor declared himself the victor.  The master  gave his sword to Kaldor and told him to find his fate.  Kaldor thank him dearly, and for once, he gave his master a hug.  He mad no attempt to stop him.  Kaldor bid his master a fond fare the well, and set off.

The End

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