Chapter III: Lady Evil, page 14Mature

A thunderous blast was her answer, followed by a sensation like being hit by a cricket bat, and she felt herself being lifted off the ground by the impact and thrown against a magazine rack. She looked up to see Lili standing before her, smirking and holding a pump-action shotgun.

"Jamal always keeps some protection under his counter," she explained. "A great idea, don't you think?"

Rebecca tried to get up, but the creature knocked her back down with another slug. It was exactly like in the movies, she thought, down to the sound of the reload pump. Bang! Clack! Clack! Bang! The slugs couldn't pierce through the armour, especially at the chest and helmet, so sturdy no mortal weapon could damage them, but damn did that hurt! Each shot sent waves of pure suffering all over her body, so acute that her lungs contracted and each breath became a desperate fight, and her stomach felt like it was full of molten lava and threatening to give up at any moment. Then finally, her agony stopped, and instead of the resounding bangs, the gun produced only hollow clicks. Empty. Rebecca stood up, trying to hide her pain. Lili kept pulling the trigger in a frenzy, but nothing would come out of the gun now.

"Oh, shit," she gasped as a furious Rebecca grabbed the gun by the barrel, pushed to ram the butt into the creature's ribs, then snatched it from her and smashed her on the head with it. The succubus fell on all four and The Knight broke the gun in two before she pulled her enemy back up by the hair and delivered a flurry of raging punches. Lili tried to defend herself, but she was too weakened to counter a single blow and she suffered the girl's wrath until they both ended up on the floor, The Knight straddling her prey and smacking like there was no tomorrow. Then came the time for the finishing blow. She had no hesitation anymore, she knew monsters like her couldn't be reasoned with. It was her most sacred mission. So she stood up, reached out for her sword on the floor, and the weapon took off by itself to rest in its owner's hand. She raised it, the sacrificial blade pointing down to the victim's chest. She could see the fear in the creature's eyes as she opened her mouth and chanted what sounded like a last prayer:

Bringer of nocturnal light
Lilith, we cry out thy name
Bless us with thy infernal presence
And open the pathway

Then The Knight brought the blade down. It plunged into the heart of the creature who screamed one last scream, and then there was a vivid light, and fire, and in the blink of an eye, there remained nothing of the wretched hellspawn but ashes.

"Rebecca!" Sally called out as she ventured inside the wrecked shop. "Come out quick, the cops are on their way!"

The Knight stroked the Cross on her chest, and the whole armour shimmered for a brief moment before disappearing, leaving behind a dark-haired girl in plain clothing. The two of them fled the scene as the sound of the sirens was drawing very near, and when the first policemen arrived to fall in awe before the scope of the destruction, the girls had long disappeared in the maze of alleys.

The End

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