Chapter III: Lady Evil, page 13Mature

"Rebecca!" Sally shrieked in distress as she rushed forth to help her friend. But the succubus was fast, and she promptly caught her and subdued her.

"Shh, quit crying little girl," she said as poor Sally screamed and struggled. "Your friend was a worthless weakling, but with me, you will enjoy your new life! You look pretty cute, you know, I think I could teach you my trade, you'll love it, I'm sure!"

A noise startled the succubus, and she looked to see the other girl was standing up from her garbage litter. "Don't! Touch! My! Friend!" she ordered, sounding pissed off to no end.

"My, my, did I anger you, little girl?"

"Now this is getting real," Rebecca shouted as she ripped her shirt open with both hands, revealing the Cross underneath. As soon as it was freed, the artefact produced a blinding white light, and a moment after, in Rebecca's place stood The Knight, shining in the December sun in all his glory. Sally had already witnessed the transformation, but everytime it struck her with awe. The monster struck with her tentacle again, but this time Rebecca was ready, and more, she was faster and stronger. With a flash of her blade, she cut the gross appendage neatly, and the monster shrieked again her horrible shriek as a piece of dead flesh fell on the ground in a puddle of black blood.

Succubi were not creatures prone to fear, but Lili Harris was just discovering this odd sensation as The Knight rushed forth, her sword all out and ready to stab. In panic, she released Sally, swallowed back what remained of her tongue tentacle, and jumped back to land on the wall, on which she clung like a lizard. Rebecca paused, in awe, to watch the creature climb up to the roof of the tenement in an uncanny reptilian way. She then checked on Sally again, and followed the creature, jumping on a bin, bouncing on a gutter, to land on the rooftop with grace. The succubus looked breathless.

"Give up, Lili," she declared. "I won't have to kill you if you just stop killing men."

"Liar!" she hissed. "Your cross, I know that symbol. You only live to kill the likes of us. So be it, but don't expect me to go down without a fight!"

Rebecca was knocked off balance by the attack. She sure wasn't expecting the monster to cartwheel and double-kick her in the head the way she did, and she did so with such force Rebecca felt the blow, even through the helmet! She tried to retaliate, but was caught unaware by her opponent's extreme flexibility. The succubus rolled and cartwheeled all around her to dodge her blade and deliver vicious kicks, and it was as though she had no spine at all. As a woman of her trade, she was scantily clad, in fishnet stockings and a very, very small top, and Rebecca could see her ribs move in a way that was disgustingly inhuman, and her legs bend at impossible angles. Even with all her hours of training, she couldn't keep up and everytime she thought she would land a hit, the succubus would slither away from the sword, bend her body so she would stand on her hands, and deliver wild windmill kicks on her legs, stomach and head, and even the armour couldn't completely cushion the blows, and Rebecca soon found herself groggy, her vision blurred and waving like a boat in a storm. She tried a forward stab, but the creature dodged with grace, kicked her in the stomach to cut her breath, and climbed on her, her thighs coiled around her head like a python, and she sent her flying with a wrestling suplex.

Rebecca breathed out angrily as she stood back up. That freaking monster was getting on her nerves, and somehow, the angrier she got, the more she felt something hot forming in her right hand. The suplex had thrown her several feet away, and the succubus was now mocking her from afar, knowing she was way out of her sword's range.

"Is that all you got, little knighty-knight? Well, that was fun, but I'm getting bored now, so I guess I should go look for another playmate!"

"Bored yet?" Rebecca roared out. "You haven't seen anything!"

And as she roared, the heat in her hand became intolerable and she raised it, her palm open towards her enemy, and a ball of pure white light rushed forth with a thunderous clatter to hit the succubus. The monster was sent flying out of the rooftop shrieking, in an effect that was almost comical and Rebecca laughed in cruel satisfaction. Then there was the sound of crashing glass, and she realized Lili had ended her flight through a first-floor window above Jamal's shop. She followed without a second of hesitation, jumping off the rooftop to dive through the broken window, her sword raised forward like a spear. That was nothing like her fight with Moorcock. Back then, she was a clumsy little thing, a prey trying her best to defend herself against the predator. Now she was the predator, and Lili was her prey.

She hammered the blade down as she landed, but the succubus, with her reptilian reflexes, jumped away at the last moment, and the sword hit the wooden floor with such might that it cracked, and in a deafening racket, gave up under them. Rebecca gasped as she fell to the floor below, and felt the wooden debris fall on her, burying her. A bit astonished, she stood up with difficulties, coughing out the dust that had sneaked inside her helmet. She looked around to see what remained of the shop, the rows of magazines and DVDs, all covered in plank shards and yellow dust. Now that was some property damage she hadn't accounted for! And, damn, where did the succubus go?


The End

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