Chapter III: Lady Evil, page 12Mature

They slowly, calmly surrounded the girls without a word, without even blinking, and the girls backed off until their backs hit a wall. Uh-oh...

"Um, guys?" Rebecca tried to reason with them. "What's wrong? We left the shop as you asked."

"Lili told us there might be people to come looking for her," one of them said in his strange flat voice. "She told us that if it were to happen, our task would be to dispose of the threat. We are sorry, but you shall now be eliminated."

And they came even closer, raising their hands like zombies, reaching out for their preys. Rebecca looked at Sally, who was clutching her arm:

"I guess it's time now, isn't it?"

"Yes," her friend said as she released her. "Guess you have no choice."

The man closest to them attempted to grab Rebecca's hair, but the girl kicked him in the leg. There was a loud thump as the man's knee was popped out of its cap, and he fell without even a groan. Whatever their condition was, hypnosis or else, it kept them from feeling pain. The girl clenched her hand into a fist and hammered it on the falling man's ear to knock him out for good. Four. Another puppet immediately rushed to her, and she grabbed his arm and effortlessly turned him around with his own momentum and sent him flying into a garbage bin. Three. The remaining guys ganged up on her like a rugby melee, and she struggled as they tried to bring her down, but their collective strength was too much for a young girl like her... or was it? Feeling a sudden impulse of heat coming from her chest, she raised her arms and pushed back, and she felt their thrust yield abruptly as they lost balance and fell back a few feet. Rebecca was a bit destabilized as well, astonished by her own strength. She was no martial arts expert. All she had to oppose them was a slightly higher than normal physical strength and the overbearing confidence that the Cross was there to assist her in her arse-kicking mayhem. As soon as she regained her balance, she jumped to one of the guys, the soles of her Kickers connecting with his chest and sending him flying against a wall. Two. The one right next didn't have time to react as a kick in the ribs forced him to bend over, and she knocked him down with a haymaker. Only one of them remaining, and she saw something in his eyes, a sudden spark of intelligence and reason. He looked scared, and the fear of getting beat up must have overwhelmed the spell he was under, because he seemed to have collected all his wits.

"Wait! Wait wait wait, I don't want to fight! Lili, she forced us to, she, like, hypnotized us or something. I don't know how she did that, but you have to believe me!"

"Where is she?"

"In that building, behind you, room 303."

"Fine, get lost now."

The man didn't need another incentive to run away. Rebecca turned to her friend, who had curled up against the wall, and after making sure she was unharmed, she instructed her to stay here, and entered the tenement. The hallways were filthy and stained with graffitis all over, but focused as she was, she didn't really mind. She climbed to the first floor and stopped in front of the door 303. Should she knock, or? No, the succubus must know she was here already, after all the commotion downstairs. So she kicked the door open and rushed in, ready to fight and... no-one? The room was empty. What the?

Then a shriek, one like she had never heard before, that made her startle, and before she could react a woman's arms coiled around her neck. She struggled, jerked all around the place, knocked some furniture on the way, tried to make her opponent trip over, but the woman had a superhuman strength, and she gasped for breath as she felt sharp little teeth on her cheek. No! In a last-resort impulse to avoid the bite, she threw herself through the nearest window, screaming as she fell from the first floor and growling in pain as she landed on the hard concrete, the glass shards all around cutting her hands and knees. She remained down for a few seconds, in shock, and stood up slowly, nursing her wounded limbs. The monster was not harmed by the fall. She was here, standing, inspecting her with an evil smile. She was a stunning woman, young, blond, pale-skinned, with intriguing clear blue eyes that looked like marbles. A body and a face designed to lure men.

"I guess you are Lili Harris?" Rebecca asked.

"I knew someone would come for me," she said with a screeching tone. "Didn't expect this person to be a little girl, but you look quite tough for your age. You mowed down my minions without too much trouble."

"I'm here to stop you, Lili. You won't kill anymore people."

As an answer, she laughed, and her laughter was more torturous than a chalk on a blackboard, so much so that Rebecca had to cover her ears. "Stop me? You? Go ahead and try!"

The girl couldn't even think of her next move: she had barely twitched a muscle that the succubus opened her mouth, and a long, whip-like, flesh-coloured appendage rushed forth from her throat and hit Rebecca on the chest with the force of a speeding car. Caught completely off guard, the girl gasped and was thrust back on a litter of garbage on the other side of the yard. She didn't get up.

The End

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