Chapter III: Lady Evil, page 7Mature

"Could you remind me again why I'm here?" Sally asked as the two girls were leaving the bus and walking down the street.

"Because you said you would follow me in my adventures as my guardian angel," Rebecca said.

"When I said that, I didn't know it would involve going to the police station to ask about a corpse! What's up with this anyway?"

"Yesterday, I told you the death of that trader, Sean Bradford, may have been cause by a succubus. Well, when I came home I browsed Father de Sainte Croix's notes and found something about succubuses..."

"Succubi. That's the proper plural."

"Since when have you become an expert on monster grammar?"

"I'm doing Latin, remember?"

"Yeah, right. Anyway, what the notes said about succubi, he called them The Wretched Spawns of Lilith, pretty death metal, right? Well, unlike vampires or other demons, they don't possess a human body, they're just imitating the shape of a woman but there's nothing human in them. They feed with some kind of tongue, or tentacle, the drawing I saw was kind of weird. So the best way to recognize someone was killed by a succubus is if their body's dry, like there's no more liquid in them, and they have three succion marks the shape of a triangle on their chest."


"So we're going to check if that's the case, because if there really is a succubus in town... well, that's my job to kill it, right?"

"And you think the cops are going to let you in that easily?"

"I have my ways."

They walked all the way to the police station, stopping by a grocer's on the way so Rebecca could buy a small bottle of lemon juice, and they stopped in front of the door.

"Okay," Becca said, "now we're gonna have to act a bit, so please, play along." She then produced the bottle of lemon juice and squirted a drop in each eye, hissing in pain as she did.

"What are you doing?"

"That's how I got Dad to buy me a PlayStation. One drop in each eye, not very pleasant but very effective," she explained as she rubbed her eyes, and when she opened them, Sally understood: her eyes were now bloodshot, swollen and wet, as though she had just wept. They went in.

"Hello," Rebecca said to the reception officer with a faint, quavering voice, not forgetting to sniffle from time to time to pretend she was about to cry again. "Is this the station where you're taking care of Sean Bradford?"

"Hello, young lady," the officer said, concerned. He was quite young and seemed to be deeply moved by her act already. "Err, Bradford... yes, the man who was found in Soho yesterday, yes it's here. Are you... family?"

She nodded. "He was my big brother, and I loved him very much! Do you know... what happened? Where did you find him?"

"I'm afraid I can't give you this information, miss."

She looked down and began to weep loudly. Sally got the cue and gave her a hug, patting her back in a comforting manner, and asked the officer for a handkerchief. "She's been very shocked by his... passing away," she explained. "She just wants to know at least where the body was found. Just the address, please?"

"Oh come on, quit crying," the officer said, looking like he was himself on the edge of tears. Then he looked on his sides to make sure no-one was within ear range, and said: "Okay, you know what, I'll write it down on a paper, just don't tell anyone I gave it to you, okay?"

"Thank you, sir," Sally said said as she picked up the paper and kept comforting her excellent actress of a friend. "Oh, and... did you notice anything... unusual on his body? He used to do drugs, you know, but he was still a great guy! My friend would just want to know if, you know, he took something that killed him..."

"Well, now that you mention it, there were marks on his body, but they didn't look like needle marks. More like succion marks, that's very weird..."

"I didn't know you had so much talent for acting," Sally giggled as they left the police station. "That poor cop was about to cry himself! So, what do we do now?"

"Well, we've got the confirmation it's a succubus, and we've got the address, so..."

Sally stopped laughing all of a sudden and turned so pale her freckles almost vanished. "Wait... please don't tell me we're going to Soho?"

Rebecca gave her a devious smile. "We're going to Soho."

The End

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