Chapter III: Lady Evil, page 4Mature

Her father loved to watch the news during breakfast, so she was forced to watch as well, no matter how afraid she was of what she could see...

"A family dispute almost ended in a tragedy last night in Edmonton, in the borough of Enfield, as resident Mark Whittfield, 37, took his wife and children hostage at their home, with the intent of persuading her to renounce her wish to divorce. Whittfield and his accomplice, Ronald Blake, 36, were holed up in the flat while police tried to establish a communication, when the unexpected happened: a man, whom Mrs Whittfield described as "a knight in shiny armour", burst in through the bathroom wall, knocked Blake out and after sustaining several gunshots from Whittfield, pushed the suspect through the window. Both suspects are currently at the hospital, suffering from concussions and several broken bones, but their lives are not in danger. As for Mrs Whittfield and her children, they are safe and sound and have expressed their utmost gratefulness to their saviour who left the scene quickly.

"This is the second report of this knight character, after the rescue of Richmond teenager Madonna Manilow a few weeks ago. While some are already thrilled at what could be perceived as a comic book hero come to life, Scotland Yard have expressed their concern over the possibility of a case of vigilantism, drawing a parallel with the city of New Havenport, in the United States, in which a controversial vigilante going by the name of Blaze has been active for a year now. Scotland Yard remind our audience to let the law in the hands of professionals and that The Knight, as they call him, would be arrested and prosecuted for obstruction of justice and aggravated assault."

She almost choked on her cereals twice as she watched. First, when she found out it happened at Enfield! She had run and jumped over rooftops all the way to the other side of London without even noticing! Then, when she was reminded of the man who jumped through the window... she had spent a restless night tormented by the incident, and when she woke up she had almost persuaded herself this was all just a nightmare. But no, this was real. Gladly he was alive, but still she could have... and now she just found out she was a felon!

When she met Sally in the bus a few minutes later, she immediately asked her if she had watched the news.

"Yeah, I have," the ginger girl said with concern. "It was you, wasn't it?"

"Yes. It was," she replied, hesitant and fidgety.

"Rebecca, what were you thinking? I thought those powers of yours were meant to fight demons and monsters!"

"I know! I don't know what took me, I just... saw this police car, and before I knew I was following it. Then I learned what was going on, and I felt I had to do something, anything to help them!"

"But you almost killed that man!"

"I'm aware of that! I just... since we escaped from Moorcock, he hasn't been seen, and actually I haven't heard of any case I'm supposed to work on, nothing's happening, and the Cross... it's growing restless, sometimes the armour's will to fight is so strong I have to find some action, anything!"

Sally sighed. "Rebecca, you've changed since you became a superhero or something. You're still my best friend, don't worry, but... you are... more confident than before. More assertive. I watched you train on your rooftop a few times, and everytime I was shocked by how cool you were with using a deadly weapon, and how aggressively you were swinging it around... it's like you were wishing for a fight. So I wonder... is this the Cross that wants you to fight, or is it you who are getting bored with having powers and nothing to use them on?"

Rebecca sighed in turn. "Honestly, I don't know. Sometimes I hardly recognize myself. Two days ago, in the street, some dodgy bloke came to talk to me, and normally I would have mumbled something polite and gone the other way... well I just shoved him aside and told him to fuck off! I wasn't even thinking! Sally, I'm scared of my powers. I've hurt people already, what if I do worse next time?"

"I think you should learn to contain your powers. Maybe you should stop turning into..."

"The Knight? That's how they call me now, apparently..."

"Yeah. Maybe you should stop being The Knight for a while, and make sure you use your powers only on demons and monsters. Father de Sainte Croix wouldn't have wanted you to use them to hurt people."

"You're right. But what if I do it anyway?"

"I'll come with you, in all your adventures! Make sure you don't do anything stupid. I'll be your guardian angel!"

Rebecca giggled. "Now I don't recognize you, Sal. Never thought you'd be up for anything that could be scary or dangerous."

"Well, you'll be here to protect me, right? Besides, you saved my life twice already, so if there's anything I can do to return the favour, well... that's what friends are for."

The End

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