Chapter III: Lady Evil, page 3Mature

"Hey, who the fuck are you?" he roared.

"I'm... here to fix your toilet?"

But the man was not of the humourous kind, and with mad wide eyes, he attacked her. She acted out of pure reflex, one hand grabbed the fist in midair, the other went to his shoulder, and she pushed his head down against the sink so violently the enamel shattered from the impact, and the man lay unconscious.

"Ron?" another male voice called anxiously from the living room. "Ron, what's going on?"

But as she listened carefully, Rebecca could distinguish other voices from the living room. The weeping of children, and the gasping whispers of a woman trying to comfort them as she was terrified herself. That was it, she could do it, she could save them. She walked out of the bathroom and into the living room to face the man who immediately aimed at her, holding his gun with a twitchy arm.

"Stop!" he ordered with a high-pitched yell. "Who are you? What are you doing here?"

"I am here to help," she said softly as she raised her hands.

"To help? You with the cops, man? You don't look like a cop." He said man. Her armour was tight-fitting, except for the chest which was broader to accommodate the Cross in its centre, hiding her feminine attributes. And the helmet, from the outside, looked like one single piece of metal with no eyes, just a series of vertical slots on the mouth for breathing. And it deformed her voice. It was impossible to guess she was a girl.

"It's over," she said softly as she cast a look at the woman and the kids, huddled in a corner of the room, looking at the newcomer with terrified eyes. "Let them go, you don't really want to hurt them."

"You don't know what you're talking about!" he cried hysterically. "She took everything from me! Now I'm sending that bitch back to Hell!"

Afraid he might lose control, she sprang to him on an impulse, but the twitchy man was quick, and as soon as he saw her move, he shot. She felt the bullet hit her chest. It felt like a rock thrown at her, and it stopped her in her run. Then he shot again, and again, and he emptied his clip on her under the woman's shrieks. She fell on her back, but it was mostly from the surprise. Of course none of the bullets had even slightly scratched the armour, and she had only felt the impact.

"What? It doesn't hurt you?" the man squealed as she stood back up.

"Tickles a bit."

And without letting him time to react, she was on him and she disarmed him. She felt the bones crack like twigs as she grabbed his arm, and he squealed even louder as she released him in shock.

"Oh my God!" she stammered as she stepped back, upset by her own strength. "I didn't mean to..."

"Get away!" the man yelled in frantic terror as he stood up, nursing his broken arm. "Get away from me you monster!"

She tried to help him. She really meant to. But the man was too terrified to see it, he backed off screaming, and in utter desperation, he fell from the window behind him to drop screaming three floors below. Rebecca ran to catch him, but she was too late, and by the time she was at the window, she could only catch with horror a glimpse of his body crashed on a police car before she was blinded by the searchlights.

The End

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