Chapter III: Lady Evil, page 2Mature

She took off her helmet – the only part of the armour that was actually a different piece – to appreciate the evening air. Cold, pretty cold. And it was getting quite dark, she thought. Better go home now. She was about to leave the rooftop when she saw a blue flashing light coming from the street underneath, and heard a high-pitched tune... a police siren! Suddenly excited at the prospect of some action, she hastily put her helmet back on and looked under: the car was speeding in the street, but she could catch up. She lay her sword by her hip as if she wanted to put it in a scabbard, and the scabbard magically appeared around the blade to hold it. Then she started to run, jumped to the next rooftop with ease, and to the next one again, never losing her momentum. She didn't know how fast she was actually running, but the sides of her vision were blurry and her jumps were way too long for someone running at a normal human speed. She felt like Superman, or rather, Supergirl. And she loved it. Eventually the car took a turn, and without thinking she followed it, and the next thing she knew, she found herself high up in the air over a large avenue, way larger than the small streets she had just jumped over. Why had she done that? She was gonna crash down! She yelled in terror and waved her arms wildly in the air, but to her greatest shock, she actually landed on the rooftop opposite the avenue with the grace of a cat. Her heart was drumming madly and she couldn't help but stop for a second to look behind: the gap she had just leaped was at least sixty feet wide! And although the human side of her was terrified, there was something else in her mind that was cool as a cucumber, telling her it was no big deal, the armour could do better than that if she let it.

The fading wailing of the siren reminded her of the hunt she had begun, and she resumed her race. She soon arrived at the place where a dozen police cars were stopped, their lights flashing in the night, at the entrance of a high flat building. Not in the best part of town. She stayed on the rooftop of a curry joint, as close to the bobbies as she could, and tried to listen.

"So it's a family issue," one of them told the other. "Wife kicks the bloke out, keeps the two kids. Bloke comes back with his best friend and a gun, threatens to kill them all. We got the call from a neighbour, a granny who lives on the fourth floor. Negotiations are tight, apparently the two blokes are drunk or on drugs, we can't be sure, but they can't be reasoned with..."

Okay, she had heard enough. She looked up, towards the building. It was not hard to see which flat it was: there were two searchlight pointing at a third-floor window, and soon, a man appeared at the window to shout some nonsensical threats in a state of mixed rage and panic. She took a deep breath. It was dangerous, but she could do it. She had all of these powers, she needed some action! She sprang from the curry joint, grabbed the gutter of a nearby building with ease, and made her way as close to the flat as she could get. She was on a two-storey building, and the tower she wanted to go in had at least ten floors, no way she could pass by the roof! She looked for the nearest window she could reach, found one. A very narrow window, the bathroom window, maybe. She would have to jump, hold on to the wall, and climb through the window. Quite a stunt, but after what she had just done, definitely doable.

So she went as far as she could to gain a maximal momentum. She took a deep breath of chill winter air, trying not to think too hard about what she was doing, or she would run away screaming to her bed and hide under seventy layers of blankets. Instead she put a step forward, and another, and soon she was running at a speed beyond human capacity, and when she reached the edge of the roof, she took off. The armour kept her from feeling the resistance of the air, and for what appeared to be an eternity she was floating in a void, and she felt good, like when she was at the swimming pool. Except here there was a wall coming at her at sixty miles an hour. She braced herself, ready to clutch to the wall... but that didn't happen. She felt something, a slight resistance, like diving in water, and she heard a cataclysmic sound, like something exploding, something really big, and the next thing she knew, she was standing in the middle of a darkened bathroom, with an impressive amount of concrete rubble littering the place. Was it? Had she just? She got her answer just by looking at the massive hole behind her, where once there was a wall.

"Holy sh-" she murmured in shock, but she was interrupted by the apparition of a man in the room.


The End

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