Chapter II: Night Stalker, page 3Mature

Mr Starkweather looked up with surprise at the book Rebecca was handing to him. “Already?”

“Yes, I... couldn't sleep very well this week so, had a lot of time to read.”

“Couldn't sleep? Is there something you would like to talk about?” he asked with an air of genuine concern. Touched, she blushed.

“Well, no... just girl stuff, you know...”

“Okay, but... you know if you have a problem, or just want to talk about something...”

“Yes, sir, I will... thank you, sir...”

“You're welcome. Now, how about you try some Lovecraft?”

“Lovecraft? Heard a lot about him, but never go to read his stuff...”

“When it comes to horror, he's just as good as it gets. 'Science Fiction and Fantasy' aisle...”

“Third row, second shelf from the top?”

Fourth shelf from the top.”

He smiled at her and she returned his smile before heading out to look for the book. She couldn't help, she liked Mr Starkweather, not only was he quite handsome, he was also genuinely friendly and caring. She felt safe when he was around, and she needed that, after that spooky accident a week before. She still had the cross, she kept it in her bag, even though she didn't really know why. Just felt like she had to.

She had settled down to read for hardly five minutes when she noticed the fiery mane of Donnie Manilow coming in her direction. She froze, expecting the worst again. But she felt oddly confident too, thinking about how she resisted those punks before, and how easy to would be for her to kick Donnie's butt in comparison.

“Okay,” the redhead said to her, and to her surprise, without any hostility. “I'm ready to apologize for what I did to you last week, and even to get on my knees and kiss your feet if you like, if you just tell me how you do that!”

“Do what?”

“That librarian! I've been trying to get his attention for, like, days, and he doesn't seem to care! But I saw you talking, and you seem to be pretty good friends!”

“Donnie, why exactly do you want to get Mr Starkweather's attention?”

“Because he's hot, what do you think? So, what's your secret?”

“Well, first, you're creepy, Donnie, this bloke must be, like, thirty!” She felt the pangs of jealousy in her heart as she said that. “Then, well, librarians usually like to read, did you ever try to talk about books with him?”

“Books? No crap? You know, if I wanted retarded ideas I'd have asked for them... you don't attract real men with nerd stuff.”

“Whatever,” Rebecca said, rolling her eyes, and shifting her attention back to her book as Donnie walked away. She tried hard to focus, but she just couldn't get into the story. Not that it was bad, but she had so much on her mind. She had asked Sally to come. They hadn't talked to each others much since the incident, and she wanted to make sure her friend was okay. She should be arriving any minute now.

The End

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