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"Okay, guys," Rebecca told the men, struggling to fake a confident tone, "we don't want troubles, we just want to go home, so... you can have my money, I only have, like, ten pounds, but they're yours, okay? Just take it and let us go."

"They're pretty," one of them commented to his friends, the lusty tone in his voice sending a chill down Rebecca's back. She realised it was just the two of them, two schoolgirls, against four, probably drugged men. Pray they're not rapists or something like that...

"And they're young, too," another one said. "Just like the master ordered."

"Yeah, I think he's gonna be pleased with those two..."

And to Rebecca's terror, suddenly the men changed, their eyes gleaming with an evil, reddish light, and they opened their mouths to reveal long, cruel fangs. The girls shrieked, one of the men hurried to cover their mouths... and then... Rebecca didn't really understand what happened. It was as though an invisible force had grabbed her leg, and rammed her knee in the man's crotch. He released them and stepped back with a grunt. Not stopping to think about what just happened, the girl grabbed her friend and rushed out of the alley, but another man caught her backpack and pulled her back, dragging Sally along. She heard the sound of the bag's zipper being ripped open by the violence of the pull as the two girls fell on the concrete. As swift as a cat, Rebecca was back on her feet and once again she felt the invisible presence, this time it was like someone held her hand, closed her fingers into a fist, and threw it against one of the attackers. Another one tried to attack her from the left, and her left leg took off by itself to kick him in the jaw. She didn't even know she could do that! Yesterday she was still afraid of Donnie, and now she was punching and kicking like an action movie girl, defending herself against those... vampires? Yes, as crazy as it seemed, that was what they most looked like.

Eventually came an attack too fast for her body - or whatever seemed to be controlling it - to react, and she received a nasty punch on the head that threw her down, her vision clouded by strange stars and shadows. She shook her head, trying to come back to her senses, and she felt four pairs of hands grab her backpack and pull her up so violently she gasped. She struggled, tried to free herself from the clutch of her bag, and she jerked so hard it ripped completely opened, her books and school stuff falling scattered on the floor, among which was the Celtic cross. At the sight of the artefact, the vampires released the girl, who fell on her knees, and stood watching, their mouths agap.

"What the..." one of them started, but before he could say more, a blinding white light, like a flash of lightning brighter than the sun, emanated from the cross, followed by a furious growl, like the sound of bursting fire. Rebecca heard them scream in terror and pain, and this sound pleased her greatly. When the light receded and she could finally see again, the four vampires were gone, and she could hear the sound of their footsteps fading as they ran and kept running. Then, all was silent again, except for the sobs of her friend behind her. She stood up and went to see her. Sally was sitting, her arms wrapped around her knees, shaking and crying.

"Hey," Rebecca said quietly as she gave her a hug. "It's okay, now, they're gone."

"You never told me you kept a flash bomb in your bag," Sally said as she raised her head and attempted to smile.

"It... it was not a flash bomb," Rebecca said, confused. "This... big light... looks like it came from the..."

Intrigued, they both turned their heads to behold it as it was laying on the ground in the middle of Rebecca's schoolbooks. Somehow, it seemed to be hot, still shining faintly, radiating with power. The cross had done this. It had scared the monsters away with burning light or something. That was something Rebecca would have read in one of her fantasy novels, but never expected to see in real life. Monsters and magic, in real life?

"Rebecca?" Sally asked coldly, her face pale as death. "Can you tell me what the hell just happened here?"

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