Chapter I: The Headless Cross, page 13Mature

"And you're mocking me with my romance novels?" Sally teased her friends after they had left the librarian to go look for their books. "You should've looked at yourself, you were all red and shaking!"

"Sally!" Rebecca giggled. "I don't know what happened to me, but come on, you gotta admit... he's cute!"

"Well I'd say you're having a major crush on the new librarian!"

"Really? Come on, how can you say that? He's too old for..."

"Rebecca and Mr Starkweather, sitting in a tree, K-I-S-S-I-N..."

"Stop it!"

Giggling, the girls eventually found their books and went to sit in one of the many vaulted recesses on the side walls, which used to host relics in the old days of the monastery, but had now been converted into reading rooms, with a table, chairs and a lamp in each. Though it was doorless, it still made a quiet space to read.

"Sally?" Rebecca asked when they were settled and she was sure nobody could see them. "Can I show you something?"

"Sure, but what's going on? You sound all stressed out..."

"Well..." she suddenly felt cold sweat under her arms. "Yesterday, you remember I got lost during the visit?"

"Yes! We were all so worried, but you didn't tell us how you got lost, I mean, that wasn't so..."

"I didn't get lost... Donnie pushed me in a hole."

"She did? What a b..." she didn't pronounce the word. Even when angry, she wouldn't allow such terms out of her mouth. "And, you didn't tell anyone?"

"It's Donnie, you know, whatever happens she'll find a way out of trouble and then come back for revenge. But, that's not the most important thing. While I was in that hole, trying to climb back up... I found this." And hesitantly, she drew the cross from her bag and lay it on the table, keeping her book open beside it so she could conceal it if someone approached. Sally looked at it, and to her it seemed like nothing but a beautiful piece of silverwork... but suddenly, as she looked closer, it occurred to her that the silver was reflecting more light than there actually was in the recess, and an unknown, quiet terror seized her heart and she instinctively reached for the crucifix pendant she always wore around her neck, stroking it softly as if to protect herself from... from what?

"I wanted to ask you," Rebecca started, "since you're... you know... more religious than I am. What do you think of it?"

"I dunno... it's just... I don't know what to say... when I look at it, it's like there's something inside... it's creepy, actually. Why don't you give it back to the LBPS?"

"I wanted to, but... as soon as I set my eyes on it, it felt like... that will sound weird, but it felt like it was calling me. And tonight, I looked at it, in my bed, and it was like it was trying to show me something..."

"Show you what?"

"I don't know..." She hastily covered the cross when she felt someone pass by. When he was gone, she put it back in her bag with a trembling hand. "Anyway, just wanted to show you... hum, what were we talking about already ?"

"Your crush on the new librarian?" Sally asked with a devious smile.

"Enough with it! How about you, when are you finally gonna ask a boy out?"

"Oh you know, boys are kinda lame..."

"Says the girl who reads romances all day long!"

The End

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