Dan, Helen and Jake are swimming peacefully in the lovely warm waters of Hawaii but do they no what lurkes bellow


The Hawiien Horror

Dan, Helen and Jake were swimming smoothly in the lovely warm tropical waters of Hawaii. Splashing the clear blue water at eachother ; and pushing them all of the bright orange , yellow  lilo. After a while with them all still having wet .watery fun Helen decides to have a break from her brothers so she sits on the bright lilo. " Helen Helen look at us" shouted Jake from the water. Dan - a black haired skinny boy- was pushed up out of the water taadaa bellowed them both from the sun reflected water.

 Helen looks in to the warm waters... a shape swims past "it's nothing!" Helen reminded herself . she looks at her brothers having the most fun ever. SUDDENLEY a giant shark shaped figure leaps out of the water and takes Dan down below . "quickly Jake swim! " "where is he ?"weeps Helen from the shore Jake trying his best to comfort her but it was no use."we have to find him" demands  Jake

Helen and Jake look vigorously among the waves but it was all to silent for liking. "Helen!" shouts Jake "we have to go under!" "alright " replies Helen.Helen and Jake search below the waves when they come a cross an see weed embeded cave . "shall we go inside?" asked Helen -there was an unearthly feeling about it- "yes !" demanded Jake "we have to " Slowly and cautiosly they swam in.

It was dark and u could hardly see .There was a warm current  flowing gently through the water.right away they came upwards to the air . "look helen !" to the left there was dan . they quickley picked up the scuba gear by him and put it on dan . as soon as they did there was a big crash the cieling was falling in ! they all jumped in to the water and swam for thiers and eachothers lives.

before they new they were out in the open water with a tropical breeze gently blowing . Jake and Helen dragged Dan back to shore and after a day or so he was a right as rain. none of them new what it was or who it was all they cared about was that they were back to a good old family!


The End

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