The girls had gone missing, for three days. When the police found there were four bicycles laying by the Gatehouse road. The bikes were resting there beside the trees in the secluded area.  The water’s edge ran into the backyard.  The house had been abandoned for what seemed like years, actually it was hundreds of  years since anyone lived here. The structure looked huge, ceilings reaching twelve or sixteen feet high. The house had been used by a noble from the seventeenth century, he was once upon a time there.

       Terry had gone to the police after waiting three days for them to return from there.She looked afraid. Tears ran down her cheeks, she smelled of booze and grass. Her eyes were blood shot. Her skin was pallid, and she could barely speak, as her mouth was bone dry, her tongue felt as though it was three times its size.  Struggling as she declared, "The girls are at the gate house!"

    The officers looked at her,  as if she had lost her mind.  Burrows looked up at her and asked, "What girls were missing?"

      "Teddy LOrd, Dauphnie Challice, Claudette McTisted, and Nicky Roberts." Terry declared as she got her mouth and tongue to respond, her lipstick coated lips looked pale.  The Mascara on her eyes had run and created a look like they were eyes of a raccoon instead of a human.  Her hair was a tangled mess of spiderwebs and leaves, her long taloned nails were cracked and broken. Her top was torn and ragged, her short skirt was also coated in dust and rodent droppings.  She was bare foot.  

     The last circular had suggested that she was wearing when she was last seen was a black leather skirt, and a silk blouse that she stole from her mother, and hi heels. Her mother suggested,"That she a deliquient.  Her mother threw her out. Burrows asked, "How do you know this?"

    "Well, they are there on a dare?"

      "Oh! I see and who dared them?" Burrows said as she gnawed on the pen's top.  She looked amazed, those girls lived in the nieghborhood, where Terry had lived. They did not know where she had been living.  There had been rumors that she had been living  in the woods nearby the house. That she was suggesting that they were in. Glaring at her, knowing she could put her away, right now. Reckless endangerment, harboring a fugitive. She was drunk and high.

    Terry pointed at herself and saying"I did!"

    "Do you know where they are?" Burrows asked.


    "Where did you get those bruises from?" 

      "I tried to find them?"

      "Maybe they left the house?"

      "I don't think so?"

       "You are sure, they are there?"


     There had been rumors from that time, he had been a witch and in his ceremonies a rapist.  So, he had been sentenced to die by way of blinding and Burning. The sentencing was used by the inquisitor usually. The house was reputed to be haunted. The church had decided to have him slain there. He had been considered to a high ranking noble.  From what they had been able ascertain, he was reputed to have made the mistake of raping the daughter whose father in law was one of the inquisitors.  He  unable to deny this fact,  he had tried pay her off.

     Her brother found the coins and other gifts from him.  He had stormed into the church , to address his father in law.

    Abbott did not know, as to any of this, until that day. Abbott looked at him as though his brian had been addled.  He did not like him or what he was involved in. He was a high ranking noble, no one had dared to touch him or his practices, but now.  His presense could not be demised. 

   Lairdes Beretta had been brought into the church, by her brother, He wanted her to tell Abbot what Lord Paul had done to her.  The day before her marriage. She spoke of the tale that was beyond the scope had ever heard before.  It was assured that he was a warlock. 

    Abbot listened without saying so much as word.  He than choose to take the owner of Gatehouse”s  wife and children to the church.  To find out what he would from them; what they knew about him.  Abbott choose to intorgate them for the answers to his questions.

     They were unwilling to talk for quite some time, but he knew how to make them talk.

     They talked, as would everyone else. The way he chooxe to break them was by boiling.

      The Lord when he had heard about what Abbott was about  to do, but he had come too late.

        Abbott turned about to see him enter the church. He tearing towards the guards who were with them to adminster the means of making them talk,  screamed,”What do you think you are doing?”

       Abbott looked at him and said,”Talking to them, you would be surprised by what I have been told thus far?”

       The Lord reached for his weapons, to attack Abbott. The guards grabbed and pulled him away from his wife who was being impaled on pole, that they had put into her. The pole was slick with blood.  She was screaming, tears were running down her cheeks. 

      Let her be,"

       "I think we have had enough fro her, to be sentenced, "  Abbott suggested, as he motioned for some of the guards to draw her up from where she sat. She was unable to respond. Her head was rolled back onto her chest. The guards had to fight to remove her from the pole. 

      Abbott said,”Come here, and look at what they have said to me?”

      Lord walked towards him,  seeing his wife being impaled on a large stick, blood and organs ran from her body as she sat the re upon the stick, it had been driven into one of her orifices in the nether regions.

     The Lord froze right,”Where he was?”


      “Who told you, of my dealings!”

      :That is none of your concern!”

      The guards grabbed the Lord, and took him to be punished for his betrayal of the Lairdess.  Decided that he should be, Burned and first amputated, by removinghios btesticles and penis.  THes items Abbott took with him to the Liard to ask for his appeasement of the kingdom, that ruled there.

   His daughter had been immersed in boiling water, to get the answers they were seeking, she was still alive.  Her legs were covered in blisters and boils, some of it even fell away from her bones.  Her face was contorted and she was wailing in great deal of pain. She had tore one of the guards face open, having removed one of his eyes. With her nails.


       Burrows and another officer rode up there in their squad car, they did not know what they would find, Burrows believed her, she should have been staggeringly drunk with the amount of alcohol in her veins.  Yet, she seemed sober.  It was as if they had given her expresso coffee by the gallon for her to be that wide awake.  She had been cohearant enough to explain to them what she knew.


They cautiously approached to front door.seeing marks where the girls had last walked inside, and markings that suggesting that Terrance had walked inside.  dust clung to everything, as it was like a dense fog that filled the air.  The cloud exploded to fill the air.  It was as silent as a grave.  Their foot steps sounded like a gun shoot in the house.  They themselves were afraid of what they had heard, until they realized it was their own foot steps they were hearing.   There were webs hanging in tatters above them, they were looking at the floor.

     Where the girls had walked, they discovered that Terry had been telling them the truth, in that she had tried to break it down. There were her hi heels there, that had the heel broken off. Blood splatters that ran towards the floor in creeks and brooks  about where her hands could reach the door to break it down.   There was blood that had dried on the door's latch to keep it closed. Where its edges were was the dripped droplets of blood, where they suspected she tried to open the door by pulling on its handle.  There were indentations in the paint as though someone had pounded on it with breaks in the paint like glass being pounded upon.  It had turned to powder and crumbled to dust they supposed.

Blood had spilled, and ran in pools across the wooden floor and seeped into the rug.

      There were tracks leading to the doors to their right.  

      Burrows looked at the floor, where were four sets of tracks made by four girls shoes.  The girls were about the right size to have made these shoe prints.  There was a marks on the floor, that looked like they had carried in other things here. The prints had gone all over the place.  Looking about, finding that they converged on the door to the right, which she took to be the living room of the house.  It was jammed, tight. 

    They had to chop the door down.  They pulled the door open.  Blood had ran and pooled across the table.  the girls looked to have been reduced to rag dolls.  Appendages were twisted and broken.  Their thighs were coated in dripped blood, that had run and poured from their orifices that were there to coat what was beneath them such as their socks and stockings,shoes, their garments were blood soaked and stained.

their eyes, tears tracks lined their faces.  The girls looked brutialized, bruises marred their skin,there was no area that was unbruised by whatever had been here with them. Every inch of them was coated in blood.

None  of he bodies moved, It was as if they were frozen in suspended automation.Burrows stepped into the room, she looked about, saw one of the bodies tremble. She slowly lowered herself down to that body. Its brown hair was a tangled mass of knots and the girl did not dare to look up.  She flinched in fear, 

irls looked as though they had been brutuialized. one was still alive, she was as were the others nakked/  What happened here, he could not fathom, maybe he could.  However he wished he could not have.  Blood covered the floor of the room.  Looking about the room, he saw that there was nothing that had been untouched

    She looked at him, screamed,

    He tried to calm her.  She was unable to stop, he drew her up to hold on to her.  He patted her back, and said,”There is nothing to worry about?  He can not get you?”

    “How do you know?” she whailed.

   The others took pictures of the room, and the girls where they lay. 

     Burrows could not understand how any one could do such a thing as this.  They were children, fof god sake.  Children.  He wanted  to kill the person, who had done this. Their was blood all over the bcandles 

     They had been he suspected, Raped and sodomized. Who ever had done this had no conscience. How could they have one, if they were to do this. He supposed ther had to have been more than one individual to have done this to them.


     The ambulance corp took her to the hosipital, the others had to go to the morgue.  He wished he did not have to tell their parents.  This was a small town community. Population 4550 people, he suspected that included the dogs and cats, too. In the number.

    The others looked as he did.  Shaken, afraid of what they had seen here.  HE was frightened by what he saw here.  There has never been a crime sugch as this,  before.

     He walked out of the house, finding no other foot prints other then their own. The dusting, showed no prints either.  How could he attribute this crime to what?  Aghost.  His commander would have his head on platter for that suggestion. 

The End

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