There were four girls going to spend a night in a house, that is illedgedly haunted. By a noble of the seventeenth Century. They went there on a truth of dare, set up Galvist. They were just going into perburty. Galvist has an interest in Claudette, he suggested, they have to strip as they were playing spin the bottle and it was his turn or go to the gatehouse.
They choose the gatehouse instead. They have not returned from there. Only he knows where they have gone.


    The house was a huge monument of grandious wealth once, it was four stories tall, It was rumored to be haunted, No one dared to enter the place, they were perhaps the only people who dared go near the place. It had door handles that were latch operated. The veranade was huge, having wooden swing on it, which hung there with chains from the ceiling.  There were four columns with ivy that  climbed them like veins and arteries they spread out and engulfed the upper terrace with them.  It was once upon a time painted with wood stain. The doors were huge ten feet tall, Six feet wide.  The windows were cut glass,

      There had been a rumor that the owner dabbled in the field of witchcraft. That was proposterous, the house was occupied by the people during the time of the inquisition. The inquisitors would have put an end to that. Yet the people still occupied the house at that time.  

     "I dare you to enter and stay in the house." Terry warned after looking at the bottle that had been spun to her she was the only girl here, who has been engaged in carnal things with both sexes  "or else you have to take off all your clothes and join me,"

   "I will tell mommy!" Teddy declared, she had just been developing breasts,

   "Would you like for me, to tell her.  That you brought the whiskey here." Terry snarled back, she knew she had them.  True she brought the smokes here, and the cognac. They could not claim to be innocence, with what they had suggested they had done before hand. Thanks to their confessions to her, and to each other.

   It was well passed midnight, They had been out here on dare, Terry told them, what boys looked like without their garments.  Duaphnie challenged her statement.  So, she had stolen her mother's Playgirl, in case such an event as this happened. So, she showed them the book.  Lighting a lighter to show them the magazine, she lit another smoke. blew out a plume of smoke from her lungs.

    The girls looked at the centerfold, and did not understand what they were looking at, their mothers had fur there, they themselves did not.  They were curious, but not that curious.  Terry had been with both genders, she was older, than them by far. Her bosom had stopped developing,. When they were showering in the pool, they saw that she had what their mother's had there, too.

"No one dared enter the house, there had been stories that people who have dared to enter the house had returned mad. " he warned, as she looked them over, wondering, "how it would be with them to have her way with them. She winked, reaching down to draw off her top.

      Claudette mustered up her guts and said,"We will go there."

The other three early teens agreed, they knew, that if they were to be like Terry they would be disowned from their families as Terry was.   They had met her  through some boys thay had an interest in. Terry wore make up and was disliked by most their parents.  She had been exhiled from the church for her actions.  She had run away from her home.

      "Fine, Tonight?" Terry dared, hoping they would chicken out. Even Terry was afraid to go there. As  they snuck back  inside their houses to acquire, what  they felt they would need there.  Teddy had them make up a list of what they would need to do this with.

      Teddy looking with a great deal of fear in their souls as they looked at the house, as she looked at teh toe of her shoe and ground it into the concrete stones that were over run with weeds tearing the weeds from the stones, and asked,”Are you sure, we should?”

     Looking across the way, Terry was leaning against a wall, with a smoke  in her mouth looking at the gate that they would have to go through to enter the house, She watched them looking at her.  She put her hands on her hips and thrust her breasts out as though daring them to do this.

    "She is there,  to watch if we refuse to do this." Claudette warned, she did not want to know what she would do with them. She did not want to think of what she would do with them.  They had been stupid to have played spin the bottle with her, but she did come through with what they had wanted to get.  Upon losing her bid to play, she honored her obligations.

      Dauphnie responded,”Or else we have to go back to Terry and get naked with her!”

      “I do not want to do that, do you?” Nicky asked, she shuddered at the thought. Terry told them of some of the things she did with others that she had with her. How could you do that, Nicky wondered and feared she would find out.

      “Neither do I?” Claudette suggested.

      “Teddy,” Nicky addressed.

       “yes,”   Teddy responded as she looked at Terry standing there watching them, she began to walk towards them,                                

        “are you sure, we want to go there?” Nicky asked, 'maybe it would not be so bad to go with Terry and do as she suggested. Rather than .. Go in there. I do not have my mascot with me. How could I forget to get it.' She wept.

        “I have the other stuff, for it!” Claudette suggested, she was more a tom boy than the others.  She had often wondered, what it would be like to go in there? Hearing stories that the house was haunted.  She had usually stuck her nose stuck in a book about the occult and supernatural stories. She had acquired her big sister’s oujia board, and a black candle from her sister’s friend who dabbled in Wicka. Claudette did not know too much about Wicka.  However she decided, that from her reading, black candles were attached to the occult.

      “I know, you have had me, bring along my mother’s rice crispy cakes, and Teddy has the drinks.” Nicky suggested.

      “I have the board!”

      “You brought the board?” Teddy asked sardonically.

       “How did you manage, that!” Dauphnie  suggested, looking at her incredulously.”your sister is going to be upset. When she finds out.”

      “She won’t!  She has gone to Sam’s for the week end.  To do what mom told her not to do!” Claudette stated.

        The other girls looked at her awestruck. How had she done this,

        They walked to the wooden doors, that were peeling with portions of paint dangling from the wooden door and frame. The veranda had a swing there. Teddy eased the door open. It began to open with a loud creak.

       Nicky shrieked, with fear.  As it engulfed her.  Her bladder spilled, running in a stream down her leg. She cursed, silently to herself.

Stepping inside to see the interior was 12 feet across, with a border of gold trim. With what must have been carpeting on the walls of the structure at a height of four feet.  Peeling paint covered the bare walls, and spider webs carpeted the ceiling like moss would coral in the ocean.  The rug exploded with plumes of dust and mice droppings as they stepped upon it.

     There was wooden staircase to their left, It looked broken, the banister was coated in cobwebs. The post was with a head of a woman on it.  There stood a balcony with six doors tah they could see, a gas powered chandlier above their heads.

    To their right was a huge room thirty feet wide with a chimney against the right wall,  There was a table in its middle of the room, beside it were two loveseats, and four chairs to surround it.  On its top was something etched into its surface, the etchings looked to be a darker brown that the rest of the table.  There were various other markings on it.  

     On the mantle piece was a Painting of a figures Midir, who looked like a noble, and his lady. The noble looked as though he was upset with something.  Having a beard and a thin mustache.  His right hand rested on his rapier, and left had his cape over his forearm and hand.  His swords scabbard was in a strap over his shoulder. A tartan was about his waist, he too had red fluid that ran down his cheeks, torso and musclar arms.

       The woman looked to be standing beside him  with her right shin and knee protruded from the skirt defiantly looking at them.  She was red with perhaps what looked like fluid, that cover her neck and shoulders. Her full breasts were  exposed, her hips were covered in a skirt, In her right  hand was held a skull like the one that was there on it's mantle, with a lite candle on it.  Her hair was black, it fell to her waist or longer. Her left had a spear in it.

       When they saw these two images in the picture, they grew afraid.  Whirling about to see who was looking at them, but seeing no one there, this feeling came over them as they entered the main chamber, there was a huge atruim there, that they had entered. 

     A bird swooped down at them, they sheirked in fear. Its huge wings were black, it tore at them releasing a loud Caw. They charged towards the open door way.  The boards creaked beneath their feet.


       "Who are they?" Teddy asks she feels they are being watched.  By who she did not know, the chill filled her as the cognac had whiskey from Terry had.  She shivered, trembling she looked at the pictures.

      "I think, the woman is Badb." Claudette suggested

     There was a skull with a candle melted to its top. In its middle was a huge table, that we could barely reach across.

      We have to protect ourselves from whatever is here.  They decided. They pulled the shuttered door closed, put the a blanket over the door,  The window were way above us.

      Claudette looked around the room, seeing chairs that were in this room.  The chairs were large stuffed height backed chairs, there were two love seats, and sofa. There were metal goblets on the table. She was impressed everything here looked like it was as it had been, when the owner died.  Claudette whistled happily. 

      “Let’s do this?”

        The table was an inch deep in dust and mouse droppings. Teddy put the blanket on the table, Claudette put the board down.  After having done this, she lit the black candle, as it was closing in on night fall.  “This is, the best time to conduct one of these things?”

     “Are you ready?” Nicky asked, as she looked at the others. The night made the room even darker, she had lit the other candle, there were scones for torches, which were no where to be found as we searched the house. 

        They commenced with the usual questions and than Claudette asked,”Are you here?”

       The paddle went to I than after a moments hesitation, it went to A and then M.

      “Why did you do that?” Nicky asked,

       “Who are you?” Dauphnie asked.
      It spelled out  “Paul Picallin.”

        “Would you stop doing. that?”  Teddy warned.

         “It was not me?”

           They lifted their hands off the paddle. They heard a sound from the board, looking down to see the pad as it sped around the board. To fly off fly of the table.

          A male voice  said,”I want to play!”

         The girls looked about trying to find out who had done this to them. They all had the same look on their faces, it was not them.  That said this. There has to be a reason for this, but what could possibly be the reason, they wondered and worried.  They were chilled to the bone.

          The room grew icy cold. The flickered and threatened to go out.  A rat leapt onto the table.  They jumped up, tried to run out the door,  To find it jammed.

         “How did that happen?”

          "we had to get out of here?"

           "I know, but how?"

           “I do not know!”

           “Look it is happening, again.” Claudette screamed who was at the door was thrown back from it to fall upon her back across the tabl.  .

           The voice came again demanding, “Do you wish to play?”

           “Tell it, no!”


                They raced to the door, but found they were unable to open it. It was as if the door was locked, but that was impossible.   Ther e was no lock for this room, yet it was locked. 

      What do you mean?”

     “It is stuck.”

      “How can that be?”

      “She opened the door to let us in herel did she not?”

     “That is true, Maybe the lock slipped into place.”

      “There is no lock for the living room, is there?”

       “Of course, not!”

       “Let us try, the windows!”

       “The panes were made with melat grids every 7 inches a square was visible. “

“We have to break out of the room, but how?”

       “The light was exstingished.  The room, now was plunged into darkness.  They did not know as to what they should do to get out. They were afraid of what had happened. The room  was now, dark almost to the tune of it being absolute. In the darkness, they saw a body of a male, walking towards them in the soup.  His hands were empty, the clothing he wore was that of the seventeenth century, with a blunderbust resting on his hip, on the other was a cutlass. His cloak looked to be made of fur,  Houpellande  made of silk went down to his thigh, and hose covered his shins.

     He looked at them, and laughed. The laughter chilled their blood in their veins to the effect they were ice in their veins, they felt its hands running along their bodies. It tore off their clothing.

     They screamed. Tears ran from their eyes like the rain from a monsoon rain storm.   The hands of this voice did things that  Terrance had suggested, to them about doing with them.   They wept, as blood poured and ran from them,  They saw what Terrance had shown them in the book.  

    It took turns with them all.  Leaving the least developed for last.  The others looked as though they had been broken.  They screamed and fought to be free of its intentions.  It laughed at their futile actions to be safe from his action.  

The End

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