I open my eyes and find myself back in the room. Taking a deep breath, I stand up. Other than the quick pace of my heart, the room is exactly the same. The constant questioning of the mysterious voice feels like a jeering taunt. Why was I so weak? Why would I be so stupid?

My eyes stray to the ceiling, almost looking for a sign of someone higher up testing me. Of course, the only thing that I see is the ceiling light as two nurses open the door and flip the switch with a swift click

"So then, I told Bradley that if he wants me to go out with him again he has to--" the red haired nurse, whose name tag reads Sonia, is saying as she reads over the clipboard at the end of my bed. "Wow, they told me this girl was lucky but would you be lucky if you were her?" she asks the brunette, whose scrubs are a bit too tight around her stomach, making the name tag that shows that her name is Nadia look awkward against the taut material. 

"I don't know," Nadia says, walking around my bed and checking out the machines. When she pauses beside the machine that shows my heart rate, I wonder if they know that I jumped. "I don't think I'll ever understand why kids do this."

Sonia nods sympathetically before looking down at the chart again. "I know, especially when they're so pretty and according to her parents, so smart. God knows what she was dealing with."

My parents said that? That can't be true, they always pushed me too hard and always questioned my grades. Yet again, they never accepted my relationship with Leo and now I know that they were right about at least one thing in my life.

"You know, I think the worst thing is that if she survives through her coma and doesn't suffer from brain damage she might try it again," Nadia comments walking back to her co-worker. Her caring eyes are lined with crow's feet and a gold necklaces peeks out of her white nurse shirt. I feel a tug at my heart as I realize what she is saying. "Her vitals show brain stimulation, meaning that she's probably stuck in there, unable to wake up, even I would choose death over this."

Sonia looks around the room, shivering. "This room is kind of creepy," her green eyes roam right past me to the window. "Like someone is watching us."

"You're so weird," Nadia giggles, but she carefully eyes my room too. "But yeah, it is creepy in here. But then again, this hospital has always been creepy. I wonder how many people have visited her." 

"Not as many as I would have thought," I comment, forgetting that they can't hear me. And it's the truth, neither my best friend or my dad has visited me. I'm not expecting Leo here, but it wouldn't be such a bad thing. Even if he broke my heart last week.

"Come on," Sonia says so suddenly that both Nadia and I jump. "I'll buy you lunch."

Within seconds they are both gone and I'm once again left by myself, like the leftover thoughts of those I once thought loved me. 

The End

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