The Haunting of My Sister

Victoria, Leah, and James are triplets born and raised by their wealthy parents. On the outside they appear to be a fantastic family, full of achievements and happy moments. But on the inside there are resentments, disappointments, and unfathomable expectations. But when Victoria, the eldest of the triplets commits suicide, it doesn't go as planned for her and she soon realizes that her life wasn't the only one affected by the stressful upbringing. They all have their secrets.

I'll always remember this day. Not because the cute new guy next door smiled at me as I walked back inside from getting the mail. Not because of the perfect and ironic way that the blue sky is cloudless as I stare up at it from my third storey balcony. It isn't because of the musical birds as they flutter around like little creatures right out of a Disney film. 

No, definitely not because of those things. 

In all of my seventeen years on this planet I have never felt so hopeless. The large white house that my sister, brother, parents, and I live in is a shoddy cover for our lives. All the perfection, all the honorary things we have accomplished placed on the walls of our living room are all little cracks in our perfect home. There is no room for error. 

If my sister was here, she would probably tell me to stop being so depressing. She was always the happy one; oblivious to the obvious stress of this life. My brother escapes, unlike me, by doing multiple sports and spending all his time outside of the house. 

But like a quick black and white film, their faces and all these thoughts pass by me quickly. My hand is small against the balcony banister. The cool night made the metal touchable, since during the day the sun's rays heat it up to an unbearable temperature. I look down and see our backyard. Our childhood swing set sits rusted and forgotten on one far corner, while our modern backyard appliances glint in the early morning sun. 

I see the concrete flooring that mom had wanted dad to order so desperately last summer. She was apparently sick of the grass. My mother, the modernist. I take in a deep breath and count to ten slowly, seeing if these feelings fade. 


I close my eyes and try to picture a better world, full of optimism and empty of expectations.


I think of my sister and my brother and my best friend, but they can never understand why I am this way.


I was once afraid of heights, as a kid I always asked someone else to be out here on the balcony with me, the thought of falling scared me too much.


I think of my ex-boyfriend and everything that we went through the week before. All the lies, secrets, gossip that we'd both kept from each other.


The letter that I received from my dream school lies on my bed, once wrinkled from the happiness of receiving it, now only a part of this decision.


Through closed eyes, my tears still come, trying to unsuccessfully bring me some relief. Too many had been shed already, and a few more wouldn't fix anything.


I stand at my full height, poised like my mother had taught me and my sister. We are elegant girls of Burlington, Ontario after all. 


I open my eyes and look up at the sky. A plane's progress is marked by the long tail it is leaving behind it. The sound humming off the walls of the house. 


I lift myself up until I am sitting on the banister. It digs into my bottom and thighs as I hold myself tightly on it, looking down at the world that I once was so proudly part off.


A long breath that I was holding in throughout my counting escapes from my lungs as I close my eyes. 

And then I let go. 

So simply. 

The wind wraps around me, engulfing me in its arms as I fall. It feels like the moment of peace I have craved for so long. I smile softly for an instance as my tears fly from my face and up into the heavens. 

Then there's excruciating pain all over my body, jolting all of my bones up once before staying still on the concrete. There's a scream from my mom and a swear from my dad as they both run out of the house, there footsteps ricochetting off of the floor. 

Then the pain starts to fade and there's darkness.

Nothing but darkness.

The End

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