The Haunting of Forty Hall.

Everyone in England has probably been round the walk in Forty Hill, but has anyone ever been in the magnificent building that is said to be haunted? Has anyone ever been allowed on the top floor of Forty Hall? No. Because if they did, they wouldn't return.

I heard the crunch of the orange leaves under my feet as I trudged through the forest, full of vibrant reds and oranges. I looked around, glimpsing sunlight through the few leaves left on the trees. I turned around and saw a wall, that was covered in grafitti. That wasn't an odd occurance for England, but it was for Forty Hill. I rolled my eyes. How could roudy teenagers do such a thing to such a brilliant, lovely place? I'm a teenager myself, but I wouldn't do a thing like that.

 I turned my head to the left, and saw a brilliant field, surrounded by broken wooden fences. On that field were young lambs, and sheep, standing there doing nothing. I walked on, keeping my feet on the dirt path ahead of me. After a few yards, there was a turning to the left. I looked at the field again, once I'd turned, and saw a pig-sty. No, literally, a pig-sty. An enormous pig with floppy ears, and black patches was standing there, his head bowed as if he was ashamed of himself.

 I walked on, and saw that to my right was a red brick wall. It looked new, but I noticed that the bricks were faintly worn down. Ahead of me, there was a little doorway. I walked through that, and came into a beautiful garden. It looked as if it had been built for a Queen- well, it was built for Henry VII when he lived in Forty Hall- there were red roses, and beautiful tulips and a little stone pathway leading toward another doorway. When I got through, I looked to my left, and saw a little café, which was hardly noticable standing next to a beautiful mansion. Forty Hall.

The End

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