The Haunting of Camp Protagonize

"young campers at Camp Protagonize tell their best ghost stories around a roaring campfire in the midst of the midnight forest, Howling Wolf Hollow"

For fifty-eight years, young would-be writers have packed their bags and spent a summer at the Quill and Ink Writers' Workshop at Camp Protagonize.   Along with the obligatory canoeing, camping, and outdoor skills, much time was spent under the tutelage of some of the great writers of the day. 

They would spend time alone, drawing upon that secret, sometimes elusive muse, putting pen to paper as momentary thoughts became everlasting words.   Then they would gather in the historic, log cabin lodge, a rather Gothic looking lodge that just could have been crafted by Stephen King, and here they would gather in two's, three's, four's and such, to read each other's work, offer critique and massage dreams.

To be sure, there were the eternal rituals of shenanigans and summer romances, but the highlight through all those generations of young writers were the campfires.  Well into the woods, the campfire circle was built.  Log benches surrounded a circle of large grey, charred stones, almost as if an altar to some unseen god that lurked nearby in the shadows of the woods.  Within that circle of stones, the logs would be stacked, there to finish their lifetimes as living things into a festival of sparking light and sizzling warmth.

Each night, there came a moment when the Minstrel, the Headmaster of the Writer's Guild, would call to order the meeting of the Guild.  Then the Muse of the Night, the Muse from the Darker Side, would drift into the air and into these young souls, and the stoires would begin.

The End

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