A Symbol of Love / ConclusionMature

  Sabrina opened the front door. She was in a pink nightgown. "Carly Beth? What time is it...why are you still wearing that mask?" She questioned sleepily. Carly Beth pushed past her into the house. "I'm so scared Sabrina..." Carly Beth sat down on the couch. Her face in her hands. "I don't know what to do..." Sabrina sat down beside her and embraced her. "Carly Beth...everything's going to be okay..." Carly Beth raised her head and looked into Sabrina's eyes. "You've always been there for me..." Sabrina stared back into Carly Beth's eyes. "I wouldn't let anything happen to you, I love you Carly Beth, and no matter what's happened tonight, I'm going to help you through this!" The two stared into each others eyes for what seemed like an eternity. They quickly embraced and the two started crying. Carly Beth felt her cheek move against Sabrina's bare shoulder. "What the?" Carly Beth moved away from Sabrina and lifted her hands to her face. Slowly, Carly Beth peeled the mask from her face. She held it in her hands. She started rocking back and forth, she was dazed and dizzy. "It's...just a mask again..." Everything went black. There was no sound, there was no movement.

"Carly Beth! Wake up! You said you'd help me take down the Halloween decorations!" Carly Beth slowly opened her eyes. She was in her bed. Her Mother had woken her up. "It...was just a dream? It was just a dream!" Carly Beth darted out of bed and bolted into the kitchen. She ran up to her Mom and hugged her tight. She was crying. "I love you so much, Mom!" Her Mother chuckled. "What's gotten into you?" Carly Beth was grinning from ear to ear, tears trickled down her face. "Nothing, I'm just so happy." There was a deep laugh from the hallway. "Noah? Is that you?" Another deep laugh. "Noah?" Carly Beth's Mother walked out into the hall. There was another laugh, a scream, a loud thud, then silence. "M...Mom?" Carly Beth stuttered. "Mom?" She walked slowly into the hallway. There stood her little brother Noah, with the mask on. Her Mother's dead corpse was lying on the ground with a butcher knife through her temple. The pool of blood spread and soaked into Carly Beth's white socks. Carly Beth's jaw dropped and she stared at her brother. At the mask. Tears formed in her eyes. The sneer on the mask intensified, and it did something it hadn't done while she was wearing it. The mask smiled. "Hello, Carly Beth."

The End

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