"The Mask, It Won't Come Off!"Mature

  Carly Beth was running down the street, knocking kids down as she went. She finally had to stop and catch her breath. She leaned over and almost vomited. Her breathing was heavy. A hand fell on her shoulder. She quickly turned around to face the owner of the hand. "Sabrina!" "I was looking everywhere for you! Where were you?" Carly Beth blinked and looked around a couple of times, she avoided eye contact with Sabrina. "I...guess I got a little lost." She lied. Sabrina looked at her friend. "I was worried about you." Sabrina looked down at the blood on Carly Beth. "What happened to your hands!" Carly Beth looked around, a cloud of worry covering her face. "I...uh...cut them! Yeah, I fell when I was running here, and...I cut them!" Sabrina looked at Carly Beth. "Okay..." Carly Beth shifted her eyes from side to side. "Hey...don't look at me like that." "Did you find Chuck and Steve?" Carly Beth looked down at her feet. "Well...yeah..." Sabrina got a worried look on her face. "Did you scare them?" Still staring at her feet, Carly Beth spoke in a happier voice. The mask's voice. "Oh...I think so." Sabrina shook hair out of her eyes. "You didn't hurt them did you?" Carly Beth's voice returned to her. "Of...course not." The two stood there and looked at each other carefully. Sabrina finally spoke. "Let's just go home, okay?" Carly Beth nodded and they headed off towards Sabrina's house.

The water gushed, bright red. Carly Beth wiped her hands off on a towel. Sabrina emptied a bag of candy out on the kitchen table, it nearly covered the smooth, glossy surface. "I had to get a lot because my little sister is sick and couldn't go out tonight. I hope she's okay." Carly Beth wiped some of the thick, slimy sweat from her forehead. "I've got to get this mask off, it's getting really hot in here." Sabrina popped some candy corn in her mouth. "Good idea" she mumbled. Carly Beth placed her hands under the chin of the mask and lifted up. She grimaced in pain. Sabrina swallowed and looked over at Carly Beth. "What's wrong now?" Carly Beth kept tugging and wincing in pain. "What is it?" "The mask, it wont come off!" Sabrina stood up. "Really?" Carly Beth took her hands off the mask and shook the slimy goo from her hands. "It's like it's stuck to my skin!" Sabrina grinned. "It's going to be pretty fucking funny when we have to call the fire department to cut you out of your mask." Carly Beth turned to Sabrina. The mask in a vicious sneer. "Shut up bitch, and help her." Sabrina stared in horror. Carly Beth's voice returned, she started to cry. "Help me Sabrina! Get it off me!" Sabrina ran to her friend and shoved her hands down the back of her shirt. She felt around. "Carly Beth...this is going to sound weird...but...I can't find where the mask ends. It keeps going. There's no line in between the mask and your skin! The mask is your skin!" Sabrina back against a wall. Carly Beth began breathing heavily, the tears stopped running. She began to whimper. "That's crazy! It's impossible! It has to end, it's a goddamn mask Sabrina!" She ran to the bathroom, Sabrina quickly followed. They stood in front of a large mirror. Carly Beth stared. She looked for a place where the mask ended. She couldn't find it. Then she saw her eyes. She froze. Sabrina looked worriedly from the mirror to her friend. "W...what is it?" Carly Beth continued to stare into her own eyes. "Oh...no..." Sabrina put her hand on Carly Beth's shoulder. "What is it?" Carly Beth backed away from the mirror. "Those eyes...those aren't my eyes Sabrina...those aren't my eyes!" Sabrina started to cry. "What are you talking about?" Carly Beth put her hands and her head and screamed. "THESE AREN'T MY EYES!" Carly Beth burst from the bathroom. Before Sabrina could catch up, she was gone out the front door, back into the night.

Carly Beth ran up to three children. One dressed as a witch, one as a terrorist, one as a ghost. She stopped in front of them. "What are you Supposed to be?" Asked the witch. Carly Beth fell to her knees. "I'm Supposed to be me! I'm supposed to be me but I'm not! I'm supposed to be me but I'm not!" She stopped screaming then looked down at the ground. "She's supposed to be her...but she's not." The three scared children stared as Carly Beth rose back to her feet, still staring at the ground. The mask in a sneer. "She's supposed to be her...but she's not." Carly Beth reached for the knife in her trench coat, but it wasn't there. It must have fallen out. She swung her arm out and grabbed the witch by the throat. The witch stared into Carly Beth's blood red eyes. "You're...insane..." There was an audible snap and the witch went limp in Carly Beth's hand.A weak gurgle escaped her throat. Carly Beth dropped her and looked up. The other children had ran away. Carly Beth looked around, worried. She was dazed and confused. The mask was taking over more often now. She had to find help. She ran to the only place she could go. She ran to the Halloween Novelty Shop.

The End

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