Chuck and Steve, arm in arm, danced around in circles on a grave. "Isn't this kind of faggoty?" The two stopped dancing. "I guess you're right." Admitted Chuck. They walked over to a gravestone and searched through the candy they had placed there. Chuck threw a white, round object behind him. "I fucking hate mints."  Steve looked around, and then at Chuck. "Wouldn't this be easier at your house? Where it' know...not as creepy." Chuck stopped sorting through his candy. "Shh...did you hear that?" "What?" Chuck pointed towards the woods. "Over there." Steve slowly walked forward, hid behind a gravestone, and looked into the woods. Behind him, Chuck was pulling a mask over his head. "I...I don't see anything." Chuck snuck up behind Steve and waited. Steve turned around and was face to face with Chuck. He screamed. "You asshole! You scared the shit out of me!" Chuck laughed and pulled the mask off. "I've been waiting to do that, all night!"

Carly Beth burst out of the woods. She was beside the gate to the cemetery. She stopped. She heard voices. "Chuck and Steve." She growled. Carly Beth slowly, and quietly, snuck into the cemetery.

"Big deal, it was a stupid fucking prank." Chuck continued laughing. They didn't see Carly Beth watching them from behind a large gravestone. "I'm sorry, I'm sorry." Chuck apologized. There was a snap, barely audible. Chuck straightened up and stopped laughing. "Hey, what was that?" Steve looked at Chuck. "Yeah. Right." Chuck looked worried. "No, I'm serious, I heard something." Steve walked up beside Chuck. "What was it?" Chuck shook his head, "I...I don't know." As they looked around, a dark figure advanced on them from behind. Carly Beth roared, and looked up at the full moon. Chuck and Steve turned around. Their faces frozen in pure terror. Carly Beth lowered her head, and started walking towards the two boys. "Who are you!" Questioned Chuck. Carly Beth stopped. "Guess." Steve managed to speak. "Do we know you?" Carly Beth moved forward a few steps. "Oh, yes. Yes you do." Chuck laughed. "You're Carly Beth, right?" Steve smiled. "You scared the shit out of us." The two boys let out a nervous chuckle. "We've been looking for you." Breathed Carly Beth. "We're going to make you pay for what you did to Carly Beth." Steve slowly fell to his knees. "" Chuck put his hand on Steve's shoulder to steady himself. "We? What are you talking about Carly Beth?" Carly Beth laughed. "Poor Carly Beth. She didn't want to lose her body. But I took it anyways." Chuck stared in horror. "How are you making that weird voice?" "Apologize to Carly Beth. Tell her you're sorry!" Steve nervously smiled. "Apologize? For what?" Carly Beth's sneer intensified. "FOR WHAT?! FOR EVERYTIME YOU FUCKED WITH HER! For everytime you made anybody laugh at her!" She screamed. The mask was in full control now. Chuck fell to his knees beside Steve. "We were just messing around!" He cried. Carly Beth turned to Steve as he spoke up. "We only did it cause we liked her...we thought she was hot..." Carly Beth lowered her head. "That's no excuse." She growled. "That's not how you show affection to someone." She raised her head and looked at the moon. Sweat glistened on the mask's surface. Her skin's surface. Tears formed in Chuck's eyes. "Give us a break!" Steve moved out from under Chuck's hand. "Yeah...really, come on!" Carly Beth shook her head. "Apologize to her!" Chuck and Steve stared at Carly Beth. Frozen in terror. Unable to speak. "APOLOGIZE!" Still no answer from the terrified boys. Carly Beth moved a step closer. "Or I swear, you two will wish you had never met her." She pulled the cleaver out of her trenchcoat. The blood and steel glistened in the moonlight. Chuck started sobbing. "We're sorry Carly Beth! We're so sorry!" Chuck and Steve said in unison. "Help me..." Came Carly Beth's voice. "Help me." Her mouth had never moved. The mask's mouth had never moved. Steve's eye's went wide. "" Chuck continued to cry. Tears falling like rain. Steve got up to run, and Carly Beth was on him. The cleaver sunk deep into the soft flesh of his back. He howled in pain. Carly Beth twisted the cleaver. There was a loud snap and Steve fell to the ground. He twitched a few times, then went still. Carly Beth turned to Chuck. He was running. Chuck looked from behind a tree. He could see Steve's corpse laying in the dirt. A puddle of his own blood, shining in the light cast from the full moon. Carly Beth was nowhere to be seen. "Hello, Chuck." He quickly spun around. Carly Beth grabbed him by the throat. "P...p...please...I...I love you..." Carly Beth slammed Chuck's face into the tree, then pulled it back. He spit out a mouthful of blood and teeth. His tears mixing with his blood. She slammed his face into the tree again. Harder this time. She grated his face against the rough bark of the tree. Chips of bark tearing and digging at his flesh. Blood pouring from his face and mouth. She slammed his face into the tree once more then released him. He fell into a crumpled heap on the ground. His face unrecognizable. She danced around and screamed delightful laughter. She howled at the moon. She broke off laughing. "Bye bye Carly Beth. Bye bye." With that, she turned and ran off into the night. A thick fog was rolling into the cemetery; covering the bodies of Chuck and Steve. Carly Beth had had her revenge.

The End

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