Into the NightMature

  "So where'd you get that mask? Did it cost a lot?" Carly Beth kept walking forward. "Can I touch it?" Carly Beth sighed and turned to her friend. Sabrina removed her glove and put her hand on Carly Beth's face. She quickly pulled her arm back. "Carly Beth, what is that made of? It feels like real skin, it's so warm!" Carly Beth turned and faced straight ahead. "I think you should take that mask off Carly Beth." "I think you should shut the fuck up!" Snapped Carly Beth. Sabrina stared at Carly Beth. "It's so gross though!" Carly Beth grabbed Sabrina by the neck and started shaking her back and forth. She let loose a blood curdling screech. "Stop! You're hurting me!" Carly Beth started laughing. She released Sabrina's throat. "Haha, got you. You should have seen your face." Sabrina backed away from Carly Beth. "It's not that funny, Carly Beth. That really hurt." Carly Beth stopped laughing. "I'm sorry, I'm just, you now, gettin' in the mood." Sabrina got a disgusted look on her face. She looked Carly Beth up and down. "Well you're doing a good job." "I'm just having fun scaring people. It's usually me getting dicked over." Sabrina rolled her eyes. "Let's just go." Carly Beth laughed and started running towards a house. Sabrina ran to catch up.

Carly Beth reached out and rang the doorbell. A woman and her young son came to the door. The woman opened the door slowly. "Now that's one scary mask..." The boy looked over at Sabrina. "What are you supposed to be? A giant hamster?" Sabrina looked down at the little boy. "I'm a cat." A little girl walked out beside her mother. "I don't like the other one Mommy, it's too scary." The woman looked from Carly Beth to her daughter. Carly Beth's sneer intensified. "It's just a funny mask hunny, don't be afraid." Carly Beth started breathing deeply. She knelt down to the little girl. "You better watch what you say you little cunt." The little girl screamed and ran into the house. She was quickly followed by the little boy. The woman straightened up. "Hey, what do you think you're doing, she's just a little girl!" Carly Beth kicked the woman in the side of the leg. The woman fell to her knees. Carly Beth swept forward and lunged her razor sharp teeth into the woman's neck. Blood spurted all over the front porch. The woman's jugular had been torn open. Carly Beth stood up and wiped the blood from her mouth. The woman clutched at her neck, and stared up at Carly Beth. The woman let out a final gasp then fell forward. She was dead. Sabrina was frozen in place. Fear and shock had overwhelmed her. Carly Beth turned to her. "P...please don't kill me Carly Beth, please." Carly Beth looked at Sabrina carefully. "We'll go back to my house and sort everything out!" Carly Beth nodded and walked over to Sabrina. "Sabrina?" Sabrina looked at Carly Beth. The masked girl's head was lowered. "What is it Carly Beth?" "I'm so scared." Carly Beth ran screaming down the road, into the night.

"Chuck...are you sure?" The tall boy in the pirate costume kept walking away. "Come on you pussy." Steve looked around then sighed. "Wait up!" He ran after his friend, into the cemetery.

"Mommy help me!" Screamed a little boy as Carly Beth slammed the cleaver into his forehead. Little children ran and screamed in all directions. Carly Beth wondered why no one had called the police. Then it hit her. No one has found out what she was doing. Perfect. Carly Beth watched the children scatter, then she turned, and ran into the woods.

The End

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