First KillsMature

  Carly Beth walked into the kitchen. She looked around to see if her mother was around. She wasn't. At first she was just looking for a quick snack. But a large cleaver sitting on the counter caught her eye. "Maybe I need a more drastic plan of revenge for Chuck and Steve." She said out loud. Her voice had changed. It was now deep and raspy. She didn't notice. She picked up the cleaver and looked at herself in it's shiny surface. Her mother walked into the kitchen. "Carly Beth? Is that you? Where's your duck costume?" Carly Beth spun around. The mask had completely taken over her face. Now it was her face. She stared at her mother. Her sharp, pointy teeth glistened in the bright lighting of the kitchen, her head and face shiny with some sort of sweaty substance. "What are you doing with that cleaver?" Her mother's tone was worried now. "Carly Beth..." Before her mother could finish, Carly Beth dove at her. They both sprawled to the ground. "Carly Beth, no!" Her mother screamed. Carly Beth swung the cleaver down into her mother's head with sickening force. Blood splattered all over the kitchen. Carly Beth stared down at her mother, and the cleaver sticking out of her skull. "What...have I done..." She pulled the cleaver out of her mother's skull. The sound of metal against bone echoed. Carly Beth looked around, worried. Her face slowly morphed back into the snarl. She clenched the cleaver tightly in her hand, and walked out the front door, out into the crisp, Halloween night.

Two young boys in Halloween costumes walked down the road. They laughed and joked, talking about all the candy they would get. One was in a sheet with eye holes, the other in a skeleton costume. They didn't see the figure sneak up behind them. "Chuck and Steve!" The two boys spun around to face the person. "Who are you! Leave us alone!" The ghost shouted. The person lifted a bloody cleaver, and swung it at the skeleton, slashing his neck. The boy in the skeleton costume made a feeble gurgling noise and dropped to the ground. The ghost started screaming and tried to run. The person with the greenish gray skin and the sharp pointy teeth was too quick. Carly Beth grabbed the boy by the back of the neck, and bashed his face off of a tree. She kept bashing his face, over and over again until the sheet was torn and dripping with wet, crimson blood. She released the boy and he fell to a heap on the ground. Carly Beth removed the mask from the boy in the skeleton costume. It was neither Chuck nor Steve. "Damn..." She continued on down the road.

There was a knock at Sabrina's door. Sabrina, in her cat costume, answered the door. "Who...are you?" The deep raspy voice spoke up. "Don't you recognize me?" "Carly Beth?" Carly Beth laughed. "Pretty sweet, huh? Boo." Sabrina walked down her front steps. "That looks so real. Is that real blood?" She quickly pointed to the cleaver in Carly Beth's hand. "Of course not. I got it from that mask shop. Where's Chuck and Steve?" Sabrina shrugged. "I don't know, we'll find them later. You really want to get them back tonight, don't you?" Carly Beth's eyes twinkled. "You have no idea."

The End

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