The Haunted Mask (R.L. Stine Rewrite) (2008)Mature

In this remake of R.L. Stine's classic, "The Haunted Mask". A teenage girl named Carly Beth wants a really scary mask for Halloween to get revenge on some of her friends. But there's something different about this mask...

  The man reached into the box and felt the smooth, clammy skin. He lifted the head carefully, looking it over as he did so. He placed the mask on the shelf with the others. All of them so life like and real. He turned to walk out of the room. As he closed the door behind him, the mask he had placed on the shelf shuddered violently. The door locked with a loud click.

"Wow! What is this place?" Exclaimed Carly Beth. A tall girl with flowing, long brown hair walked up beside her. "I don't wasn't here yesterday." Carly Beth turned to face the other girl. "Shops don't just pop up over night, Sabrina." The two girls looked at each other then back at the store. The big fancy lettering on the face of the store read "Halloween Novelty Shop". A variety of masks hung in the large, dirty windows. Carly Beth stared in amazement. "This place is great..." Sabrina started walking away. "We better get going and pick your pumpkin, or we won't get home in time for supper." Carly Beth took one last look at the masks in the windows before she turned to join her friend. "Hey, wait up!" She didn't see the bald man with the badly scarred face appear in the window. He watched them with his cold, gray eyes as they walked down the road.

The two girls entered the pumpkin patch. The ground was covered in a thick fog, their flashlights mingling with it and creating abstract shadows. "All of these pumpkins are rotten." Sighed Sabrina as she kicked a rotten pumpkin. It made a sick squelching noise. Carly Beth froze in place. "Do you hear breathing?" Sabrina smirked. "It's probably just you." Carly Beth took a few steps forward. "I thought I heard footsteps too." Sabrina rolled her eyes. "Again, probably just you!" Carly Beth ignored her friend and looked quickly around. "I think someone followed us here Sabrina!" Sabrina's eyes widened. "You know, I think you're right! Somebody's out there...somebody...or something..." Carly Beth looked worriedly around, and didn't see Sabrina lift her arms up behind her. Sabrina grabbed Carly Beth by the shoulder and yelled. Carly Beth screamed and jumped around. She slapped Sabrina across the face. "Ow, why'd you slap me?" Carly Beth stared at Sabrina. "That's really not funny." Sabrina rubbed her cheek. "I'm sorry...can you just get your damn pumpkin so we can go?" Carly Beth wandered through the pumpkin patch, shining her flashlight on pumpkin after rotten pumpkin. "You're right. All these pumpkins suck." Finally, she came to a large pumpkin, that was in perfect condition. "I found one!" The ground around the pumpkin began to pulse and move. Carly Beth stared in horror as the pumpkin slowly rose out of the ground. Another pumpkin did the same behind her. They had wicked faces carved into them. The pumpkins were fully out of the ground, the bodies attached to them were shrouded in black cloaks. The things with the jack-o-lantern heads advanced on Carly beth and grabbed her. "Sabrina! Help me!" She screamed. The jack-o-lantern things started to laugh. They lifted the pumpkins from their heads revealing two laughing boys. "Chuck? Steve?" Sabrina questioned. One of the boys put his hand on Carly Beth's shoulder. "You should have seen your face!" Carly Beth started walking away at a fast pace. Sabrina ran to catch up, leaving the two laughing boys behind. "Carly Beth, wait!" Carly Beth kept walking and never looked back. "Why? So you can fucking laugh at me some more?" Sabrina grabbed Carly Beth's shoulder and spun her around. "Now you listen to me! I didn't have anything to do with that! You know I'd never hurt you!" Carly Beth wiped the tears from her eyes. "I...I know. I'm sorry." Sabrina held Carly Beth by the shoulders. "Chuck and Steve, just ignore them. They're sick. They have no life." Fresh tears welled up in Carly Beth's eyes. "I can't believe they followed us all this way just to scare me like that." Sabrina hugged Carly Beth, "They're creeps...lets go home and get some supper and forget about this." Carly Beth wiped the tears from her eyes again. "Okay." The two girls headed home, Chuck and Steve could still be heard laughing from the pumpkin patch. As they walked away, the man from the shop turned away from the window, and stared into the shadows.

The End

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